Have a creative idea you’re dreaming of bringing to life? MakerSpaceNYP can make it happen for you. Launched in July 2016, MakerSpaceNYP was created for students and staff to help turn their bright ideas into reality.

Creative tinkerers can find everything they need here – workstations, 3D and t-shirt printing stations; areas to sew, make jewellery and for paper crafting and letter pressing. There are also photography, videography and audio recording studios.

With such a wide range of tools, materials and facilities at your disposal, you’re only limited by your imagination!

Ready to start the creative process? Book a lab or workstation by installing the MakerSpaceNYP App, MkzApp, from Google Play  or the Apple App Store.


If you’re interested in user experience, interaction design or media design, then head over to our brand new MakersNode in Block N Level 3.

Here you’ll find brain storming areas for a whole range of digital technologies, with rapid mock-up capability, eye-tracking (beginning of 2019), virtual reality (VR), vlogging, stop-motion and green screen videography, as well as media editing facilities using the complete Adobe CC suite of software.

Residency Program

Are you an NYP alumni?
Think you have an awesome business idea?
Do you lack the resources to make it happen?

You’re in luck!

Sign up for the MakerSpaceNYP Residency Programme and you’ll be able to enjoy all its facilities to make your dream come true. Here’s what you need to know:


  • Each project application can last between one month (minimum) to six months (maximum). If your project application is successful, you may be approached during the residency to give feedback and suggestions to help improve the residency programme.
  • Need an extension? Write in one month before the projected end of the programme. All programme extensions will be evaluated by a select committee, with six months as the maximum extension granted.
  • MakerSpaceNYP is an open space for all students and staff. Share your knowledge and experience with us through monthly sharing sessions. Spread the maker spirit!
  • The programme is limited to five teams. Each team can have a maximum of two members, including the applicant.
  • You must credit MakerSpaceNYP when a product is developed through the programme.
  • MakerSpaceNYP reserves the right to make the final decision in accepting applicants. We reserve the right to cite or highlight any product or design created at the MakerSpaceNYP Residency Programme for the purpose of reporting. All public citation will be discussed with the creator(s) and permission sought before any information is released.



Keep in mind…

  1. The MakerSpaceNYP Residency Programme is only open to NYP graduates who have successfully completed part-time/full-time diploma or advanced/specialist diploma courses.
  2. Fill in the application form and submit it online at Do include a proposal about the project and expected duration of the project.
  3. You must attend a session to pitch your project. Acceptance into the programme is based on the scope and requirements of the project, the potential impact of the project, NYP’s ability to support it through MakerSpaceNYP and any other criteria the polytechnic may decide to consider.
  4. If your application is successful, you will be notified within three weeks after your pitch.

Interested to know more? Email

Opening Hours of MakerSpace

Instruction Week
11am – 9pm
Term & Semester Break
10am  – 6pm
Last 2 weeks of December