EAE Tips: Advanced & Digital Manufacturing (C62)

Passionate about digital technology and its potential to shape the future? NYP’s Diploma in Advanced & Digital Manufacturing offers learners precision engineering and digital manufacturing skills applicable at every stage of product development, from ideation and design to tool and component manufacturing.


Through the programme, you'll gain proficiency in precision engineering, digital design and manufacturing, as well as engineering processes and controls. These invaluable skillsets are in high demand across precision engineering industries, including additive manufacturing, aerospace, biomedical, and electronics manufacturing.

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Ideal applicant

Applicants should demonstrate:

  • Accuracy and attention to detail;
  • Interest in creating innovative solutions to solve everyday problems with engineering – like cutting-edge medical tools or precision aircraft parts;
  • Interest in how digitalisation enables the reinvention of manufacturing, and how machine learning and artificial intelligence influence smart manufacturing; and,
  • Interest in seeking a career in engineering.

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Shortlisted applicants will be assessed as follows:


If you are shortlisted, you will be invited for an interview to share more about your passion for the course with a panel of interviewers. You will be assessed on your interest, aptitude and understanding of the course as well as the precision engineering industry. You may also be asked to share your desired role in the precision engineering industry. The duration of the individual interview will be about 15-20 minutes.

Some questions which you may be asked during the interview include:

  • Share your experience and participation in any course-related activities inside and/or outside your school in the last one year and how it has inspired you.
  • What are some of the specific knowledge and special skills which you possess and how do you think these may help you in your journey in the course?
  • Have you taken part in any competition/CCA that is design & technology-related?
  • Share your views about the important skills that you should possess to be ready for work and life.
  • Share with us your career aspirations and how the course can help you fulfil them.
  • Name some of the roles in the precision engineering industry and how you will collaborate with them in your job.
Portfolio (Optional)

You should include in your portfolio, any evidence and/or activities (e.g. Design & Technology or engineering related CCAs/workshops) that showcase your character and involvement relevant to design and hands-on skills (such as design thinking knowledge and practical skills).


Examples of what to include in your portfolio:

  • Testimonials
  • Certificates (e.g. academic, achievement and/or personal development)
  • Awards or participation in design or engineering related competitions/CCAs, at school and/or national level
  • Evidence of leadership activities or roles

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