EAE Tips: Nursing (C97)

Make a lasting difference. As Singapore’s most established nursing programme, NYP’s Diploma in Nursing offers a comprehensive learning experience to prepare you for a fulfilling career in this noble profession. In addition to learning to manage medical conditions across all ages, you'll be trained to make critical decisions that can profoundly impact lives.

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Ideal applicant

Applicants should demonstrate:

  • Passion in caring for others, especially in pursuing a career in the nursing industry;
  • Relevant experience in a school environment or an external context (e.g. through a healthcare-related CCA, Applied Learning Module (ApLM, formerly known as Advanced Elective Modules [AEM]), competition or community outreach involvement);
  • Relevant learning journeys or 
  • General knowledge and interest in the healthcare industry; and, 
  • Problem solving, teamwork, critical thinking and communication skills, guided by strong personal ethics and integrity.

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Shortlisted applicants will be assessed as follows:


If you are shortlisted, you will be invited for an interview to share more about your passion for the course with a panel of interviewers. You will be assessed on your interest, aptitude, as well as your achievements in both healthcare and non-healthcare domains. The duration of the group interview will be about 25 minutes.

Some questions which you may be asked during the interview include:

  • What are your reasons for choosing the Diploma in Nursing?
  • How did you realise that nursing is a career suited for you?
  • Have you taken part in any nursing/healthcare related activity and how was your experience?
  • Have you won any awards or taken part in any competition that is related to nursing/ healthcare?
  • What are some of the special skills or talents that you possess and how do you think they may help you in this course?
Portfolio (Optional)

You should include in your portfolio, any evidence and/or activities (e.g. healthcare related or first-aid / nursing competitions) that showcase your ability and passion.


Example of what to include in your portfolio:

  • Testimonials
  • Certificates (e.g. academic, achievement and/or personal development)
  • Awards or participation in competitions, both at school and/or national level
  • Evidence of healthcare related projects or attachments
  • Relevant learning journeys or ApLM
  • Evidence of leadership activities or roles
  • Participation in CCAs


  1. Course has a course-level intake allowance of 50%.
  2. All prospective healthcare students must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with a vaccine regime recognised in Singapore. Those who are medically-ineligible will be subject to prevailing MOH and healthcare institutions’ guidelines. Those who are medically eligible and choose to remain unvaccinated may not be able to access the healthcare and community care settings to complete their clinical posting and meet the clinical training requirement necessary for graduation. As the delivery of direct patient care is a requisite of healthcare professions, all applicants must pass a medical examination and be certified to have the following abilities to perform patient care activities in a safe and effective manner:
    • Mental-cognitive ability (interpersonal-communication ability and behavioural stability) to:
      • provide safe care to populations, including safety to self
      • demonstrate emotional-behavioural stability to function under stress and pressure when performing nursing care on patients
      • being observed by instructors and other health care personnel during clinical practice attachments
    • Physical ability to:
      • move around in the clinical environment, walk/stand, bend, reach, lift climb, push and pull, carry objects
      • perform patient transfers and complex sequences of hand-eye coordination.
    • Auditory ability to:
      • hear faint body sounds
      • auditory alarms
      • normal speaking level sounds (i.e. blood pressure sounds, monitors, call bells and person-to-person report)
    • Visual ability to:
      • detect changes in physical appearance, colour and contour
      • read medication/ drug labels, syringes, manometers, written and electronic communication accurately

Please ensure you have read and understood the Fitness to Practice Advisory before applying. The guidelines in the advisory and the required abilities are stipulated in consultation with Singapore Nursing Board to ensure nursing students are fit to practise when they apply for registration upon graduation from nursing programme. Interested applicants with known condition(s) or unsure if their condition(s) may affect their ability to deliver safe and effective patient care are highly encouraged to contact us for more information.

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