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Overseas Programme Funding

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Funding types

Funding support that is provided to NYP students in overseas programmes could be either specific to the type of overseas trips or targeted at needy students:

  • Programme-specific funding. Internships and immersion trips primarily to ASEAN, China and India are supported via external funding of Enterprise Singapore’s Global Ready Talent (GRT) Programme; and National Youth Council’s (NYC) Asia-Ready Exposure Programme (AEP).
  • Neediness-based funding. The Financial Assistance Scheme for Overseas Programme (FASOP) utilises MOE’s Opportunity Fund and NYP’s internal funding to make available subsidy to all NYP students. The Global Entrepreneurship Award (GEA) encourages students to participate in Innovation & Enterprise-related internship in developed countries. The amount of funding is dependent on student’s family financial status as well as student’s nationality and overseas programme type.
  • Find out more information on overseas programme funding.

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How do I apply?

For Overseas Programme Funding application, please check with your school’s Trip Coordinator