World Food Innovation Awards

By giving ingredients a new lease of life and using sustainable packaging, students from the Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition won the Best Bakery Product in the prestigious World Food Innovation Awards 2024.

Published on 25 Mar 2024
Food Competition

Amidst stiff competition from giant food companies worldwide, students from School of Applied Science have emerged victorious, showcasing their exceptional creativity and dedication to excellence.

food competition

Their winning product, the EcoSesame Muffin, has been recognised as the Best Bakery Product of 2024. Crafted using upcycled black sesame meal, this muffin not only delights the taste buds but also helps reduce environmental impact by giving new life to valuable ingredients. Each muffin is fortified with calcium and inulin, promoting both bone health and digestive wellness.

food competition

What's more, the commitment to sustainability extends to the packaging, which is fully compostable, transforming into nutrient-rich soil after use. This small but significant step towards sustainability reflects the students' dedication to creating a greener future.