The Polytechnic Foundation Programme 2024

A unique experience for Secondary 4(N)A students setting up on the path to diploma courses.

Published on 13 Mar 2024
polytechnic foundation programme 2024 01

The Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) at NYP provides a unique one-year journey for Sec 4N(A) students, setting them on the path to diploma courses through immersive and practical learning experiences. The program is designed to be engaging and hands-on, with students participating in collaborative projects, interactive games, and educational outings that enhance their learning.


This year's showcase, "The City of Fantasia," was a highlight of the PFP exhibition. Our students brought to life a miniature city using paper, inspired by the imaginative world of the "Cantaloop" music video, coupled with the ideology of School/Community/Workplaces in Dystopian and Utopian landscapes.

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polytechnic foundation programme 2024 03

By adopting a simplified Design Thinking approach, they journeyed through the essential phases of empathising with the video’s themes, defining objectives, brainstorming ideas, and then creating and refining their models. This exploration allowed students to grasp and translate the video’s aesthetic nuances and thematic vibrancy into their models, culminating in a stunning three-dimensional cityscape.


This exhibition is celebrated by the school as a testament to the PFP’s commitment to nurture foundational creativity and practical skills in our students, preparing them for the next phase of their journey in our school. Through this exhibition, our students will feel more belief in their abilities and potential after witnessing their ideas come to life in such a tangible and public way.