SkillsFuture Work-Study Programme (WSP)

The SkillsFuture Work-Study Programme is designed to give fresh graduates from polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) a head-start in careers related to their discipline of study. It provides them with more opportunities, after graduation, to build on the skills and knowledge they acquired in school, and better supports their transition into the workforce.

Polytechnic and ITE graduates will get a headstart in their careers by:

  • Acquiring relevant work experience and skills valued by the industry
  • Attaining industry-recognised qualifications / certificates[1]
  • Enjoying skills-based wage increments and meaningful career advancement pathways upon programme completion and satisfactory job performance[2]


[1] The industry-recognised qualifications / certificates will vary from sector to sector, and from job to job. They may include Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) qualifications, or qualifications issued by the polytechnics and ITE such as Advanced or Specialist Diplomas. 
[2] Participants can potentially receive a wage increase upon completion of programme if they perform well and take on enlarged job scopes.

For more information on SkillsFuture Work-Study Programme (WSP), please see following contact details:
(List of WSPs as of April 2023)



Job Roles

Contact Details for Course & Application Enquiries


WSCert (Leading to Part Time Diploma in Business Practice (Accounting))

Accounts Executive

For Students, Graduates & Companies

Ms Fadhlina Samsudin
6550 1141

Ms Noh Han Nee
6550 1062

Biomedical Sciences


WSPostDip (Advanced Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences)

  • Pharmacy Technician Executive
  • Pharmacy Technician Supervisor

For Students, Graduates & Companies

Ms Candice Chang
6550 1594


WSPostDip (Specialist Diploma in Digital Content Creation For E-Commerce)

  • Designer
  • Interaction Design 
  • Multimedia/Commercial Artist 
  • Creative Data Visualiser 
  • Content Designer/ Strategist, Social Media Designer

For Students, Graduates & Companies

Mr Jimmy Pan
6550 1938

WSPostDip (Specialist Diploma in Smart Project and Facilities Management) • Project Executive (Client or Developer)
• Project Manager (Design or/and Construction)
• Project Coordinator (Design or/and Construction)
• Project Site Manager (Construction)
• Facilities Management Executive (FM)

WSPostDip (Specialist Diploma in Spatial Design)

  • Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Event Management Executive


Environmental Management

WSPostDip (Specialist Diploma in Environmental Management & Applied Water Technology)


For Students, Graduates & Companies


Mr Herman Lee
6550 1588

Food Manufacturing/Food Services

WSCert leading to Part-time Diploma in Applied Science (Food Technology)

  • QA/QC assistant
  • Food Service assistant
  • Research assistant

For Students, Graduates & Companies


Ms Lin Liang
6550 1576


WSPostDip (Specialist Diploma in Nursing (Gerontology))

Registered Nurse (Gerontology)

For Students & Graduates 


Ms Si Ye
6550 1438


Ms Yong Li Ping
6550 1486

Human Resource

WSPostDip (Specialist Diploma in Human Capital Management)

Senior Human Resource Executive

For Students, Graduates & Companies


Ms Fion Ngiam
6550 1162


Ms Noh Han Nee 
6550 1062


WSCert leading to Part-time Diploma in Infocomm & Digital Media (IT Network & System Administration)

  • IT Support
  • Network Support
  • System Support
  • System Administrator

For Students, Graduates & Companies

Mr Michael Ng
6550 1680


Mr Yang Yu
6550 1714

WSPostDip (Specialist Diploma in Agile Solutioning & DevSecOps)

Software Developer, Associate Technology Consultant, System Analyst

For Students & Graduates

Ms Grace Chan
6550 1661


For Companies
Ms Eunice Ang
6550 1703

WSPostDip (Specialist Diploma in Converged Infocomm Infrastructure)

  • Systems Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Cloud/Data Centre Support Engineer

For Students & Graduates

Mr Ng Kee Way

6550 0957


Mr Ling Ngee Hoo

6550 0797


For Companies

Mr Ng Kok Poh

6550 0891


WSPostDip (Specialist Diploma in Digital Media Production)

  • Digital Compositor
  • Dynamics and Particles Artist
  • Matchmover Artist
  • Production Coordinator
  • Graphic Designer
  • 2D Animator
  • 2D Layout Artist
  • 3D Modeler
  • Rendering Artist
  • Producer

For Students, Graduates & Companies


Mr Jimmy Pan
6550 1938

WSPostDip (Specialist Diploma in Game Development

  • Game Designer
  • Programmer
  • Artist

WSPostDip (Specialist Diploma in User Experience Design & Management)

  • UX Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Design Management
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Art Director
  • Digital Strategist
  • User Research
  • Information Architect
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Data Analytics Specialist
  • Web Developer

Medical Technology (MedTech)

WSPostDip (Specialist Diploma in Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Engineering)

  • Senior Quality Assurance Office

  • Operation Technician II

  • Assistant Analyst I

  • Engineering Assistant

  • Production Supervisor

  • Quality Operations Officer

  • QA Lab Technician<

  • Manufacturing Engineering Technician

  • Warehouse Executive

  • Facility Engineering Technician

  • Assistant Quality Engineer

  • Service Engineer

  • QA Engineer

  • QAC Supervisor

For Students, Graduates & Companies

Ms Kallen Chong
6550 0485

Ms Ong Hui Yng
6550 0652

Mr Neo Poh Hock
6550 0650

Precision Engineering

WSDip (WSQ Diploma in Precision Engineering (Master Craftsman Skills))


For Students, Graduates & Companies

Mr Mike Kwek
6550 0677 


Mr Yeo Teck Cher
6550 0925


Ms Eunice Chia
6550 0502

WSCert (Leading to Diploma in Engineering (Mechatronics))
  • Technical Specialist
  • Technician

For Students, Graduates & Companies

Mr Kang Liat Hong
6550 0638

Mr Kassim Sa'at

WSPostDip (WSQ Specialist Diploma in Precision Engineering (Additive Manufacturing))

  • Senior Technologist
  • Senior Designer

For Students, Graduates & Companies

Mr Zaw Hlwan Moe

6550 0667 


Mr Siva Kodali

6550 0620 

WSPostDip (Specialist Diploma in Robotics and Automation System Design)

  • Assistant Engineer
  • Engineer
  • Technical Specialist
  • Engineering Executive

For Students, Graduates & Companies

Mr Kannappan 
6550 0764

Mr Chia Kia Chye


WSCert (WSQ Advanced Certificate in Retail (Operations))

Retail Supervisor Trainee

(for ITE graduates)

For Students, Graduates & Companies

Ms Christine Chew

WSPostDip (WSQ Specialist Diploma in Retail (Operations))

Retail Management Trainee
(for Poly graduates)


WSCert leading to Part-time Diploma in Business Practice (Hospitality and Tourism Management)

  • Travel Consultant
  • Senior Operations Assistant
  • MICE Officer

For Students, Graduates & Companies

Mr Alex Choo
6550 1128

Ms Noh Han Nee 
6550 1062