Razali Bin Asim

Adjunct Lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic and Career Coach

Published on 24 May 2024
Alumni Stories
Razail photo

Were there any challenges that you have overcome as a student in NYP?

Despite taking five years to complete my diploma, quitting was never an option for me. What matters is the outcome of your hard work, not how long the route you took. I often joke with people around me that when I collect my diploma certificate, it is when I also attained the Long Service Award from NYP. Therefore, I always challenge my students or mid-career switchers – “If I can do it, so can you.”


What were some fond memories you had as a student in NYP?

During my student years, I discovered my passion for teaching and sharing of my knowledge. Especially in tutorial rooms, I enjoyed the sense of ease in guiding and imparting knowledge to my peers. During those moments, the calling of a teacher became clear to me. After nearly a decade working in libraries, I transitioned to adult education.


Did you have a mentor who had changed your life? Who will you consider as your mentor in life?

I considered myself fortunate to have had multiple mentors. During my fourth year as a student at NYP, Mr. Omar, my lecturer, played a crucial role in “knocking sense” into me. He not only instilled clarity in my thoughts but also demonstrated genuine care about my academic performance and future career plans. Recognising my potential, Mr. Omar provided invaluable guidance, he also helped me realise the extent of my capabilities by teaching me how I could leverage my strengths.


What advice on job search would you give to youths?

I will highly recommend for them to attend more networking sessions and adopt the lifelong learning mindset. It is crucial to stay updated and to continuously develop new skill sets. Having a LinkedIn account is also essential for expanding networks, finding mentors, and obtaining globally recognised certifications.

In today’s competitive and dynamic job market, simply having a diploma or degree may not be sufficient. To stay one notch above the rest, you will need to acquire relevant skills. The recruitment market is ever-changing, and to stay ahead of the competition, we should always enhance our skill sets and stay abreast of new trends.