Jefferson Pang

Banker, Fitness Trainer, Community Builder & Author of What I’d Give To Say Once More

Published on 22 May 2024
Alumni Stories

Why do you wish to volunteer as a mentor?

Our future generations need to be prepared for what’s to come. I encourage youths to venture beyond their nine to five jobs, as numerous skills and insights are gained outside of formal work and academic settings. Being a mentor, I aim to guide youths in taking small steps at this juncture, to prepare themselves for the future challenges they'll encounter.


Why do you think youths will feel the loneliness in years to come?

Millennials have navigated the evolution of technology, transitioning from an era with limited technology to embracing Generative AI today, showcasing their adaptability. Millennials lived in the “Golden Era” where they cherish interpersonal connections, collaborative problem-solving at work, and the nostalgia of physical items.


Gen-Z, on the other hand, are born amidst technological booms, immersed in a tech-centric lifestyle where face-to-face interactions are less prioritised.


Looking ahead, I anticipate an increasing detachment from human connection over the next 5 to 10 years. This may lead to significant mental health challenges, impacting both the youth’s personal well-being and professional growth.


Who will you consider as your mentor in life? Who is your mentor in life?

My father. Since young, my father has been running a family business and he instils in us the belief that “When business and opportunities are in front of you, you should focus on making things happen.” This principle has inspired me when I ventured into entrepreneurship. I believe the power of taking actions instead of having excessive concerns – Actions do speak louder than words. 

Have you experienced any failure in your entrepreneurship journey? If so, what were some learning points you might like to share with aspiring startups?

Yes, I once had a business that failed. However, my motto is “Have no fear in taking risks”. The business venture failed due to unfavourable timing, excessive time commitments, and intense competition. However, my brother, who was my business partner, and I gained valuable experiences. I felt very much empowered and in fact, had just embarked on a new business venture just recently.


I’ve learnt that for aspiring entrepreneurs, starting from a non-profit organisation will be beneficial. This approach allows entrepreneurs to start serving wholeheartedly and mark out the potential gaps in the market. Equipped with this experience and knowledge, the strong foundation will help to facilitate the transition to a corporate venture, bridging gaps and achieving business success.