Katrine Teo

From serving celebrity clients to serving big fashion and magazine brands.

Published on 30 Apr 2024
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Due to the pandemic, most of us are working from home. For the ladies, how much time do you spend putting on makeup and styling your hair when you are working from home? For Katrine, makeup artistry and hairstyling are what she does for her career!


Katrine Teo, better known as Kat Zhang (https://instagram.com/katzhangmua), graduated in 2011 from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) with a Diploma in Multimedia and Infocomm Technology. Katrine was also a member of NYP’s hip-hop dance group, Foreign Bodies.


Katrine’s clients include celebrities, brides and models for fashion labels and magazines. Let's find out more about Katrine's life after graduation, and what her best days in NYP were like!

What is keeping you busy these days?

I have recently expanded my team, so currently we have three other makeup artists and two trainers on board. We have also moved to a new studio space in Tai Seng.


What made you decide to go into makeup and hairstyling? When did you decide to make this career move?

I have always been interested in makeup and hairstyling. It started out as an interest/hobby initially, then five years ago, I decided to pursue it full time.


Apart from makeup and hairstyling, Katrine’s day-to-day tasks include project discussions with clients, training her junior makeup artists, managing her brand’s social media pages, and other administrative tasks. During the pandemic, Katrine continues to be actively engaged by local brands and commercial clients for their online marketing content. 


Could you share with us one of your most memorable moments as a makeup artist and hairstylist?

In June 2021, I did the makeup for Iman Fandi for HerWorld magazine. I would say this is one milestone that I will always remember.


What are your plans for 2022? 

For 2022, I would like to focus on my team and grow the company. I would also like to work towards my goal of having a makeup school in the near future.


Could you share some of your best days/experiences in NYP?

I loved the food from South Canteen, the days spent with Foreign Bodies, the times when I studied till late at McDonald’s when it was in operation and times spent with the friends I made in school. There were lots of fun memories.


Do you still hang out and catch up with friends from NYP?
Yes! Some of my friends from NYP are now my closest friends.


Breaking out to start your own business was a brave move for you, as a young adult back in 2013. What advice or tips would you share with NYP students and alumni who wish to start and build their own careers?

Set big goals and map out the small steps. Keep doing what you do. It will take time to see results, but if you put your time into your business, you will see the results. Always embrace change and believe in yourself!


Photo credits: Katrine Teo