The Early Admissions Exercise (EAE)…
helps you secure a place in your preferred course – even before you sit for your O-Level exams. This is for you if you have strong aptitude and interest in a field related to the diploma course. It will also help if you have outstanding achievements in sports, leadership, entrepreneurship, community service and the arts.

It’s a great opportunity to get a head start at a polytechnic that recognises your talents and abilities.


Our EAE Parents' Seminar...
is an excellent opportunity to get clear information about how you can help your teenager secure his/her place in a diploma course even before the O Levels. If your child has strong aptitude and interest in a field related to diploma courses, don’t miss this!

  • Date    : Sat, 25 May, 2019
  • Time    : 9am (guests to be seated by 8.45am)
  • Venue  : NYP Auditorium

Seminar Programme


Musical performance by our NYP students

Sharing by our Principal & Chief Executive Officer, Ms Jeanne Liew on how a holistic education in NYP prepares our students for work and life, plus the advantage they get from our innovative and enterprising environment, and unparalleled industry connections 

Tips on writing the 600-character submission, and acing the interview to maximise your child’s chances of joining his/her dream course

Q&A session

More about our courses, admissions processes, scholarships, write-ups and portfolios (refreshments will be served)

Activities from 11.00am...

  • Talk on 'Discover Your Teen’s Strengths & Career Interests' 
  • Guided School Tours and visits to our facilities at any one of our seven schools


EAE Application Process...

1) Decide and Apply (27 Jun - 3 Jul, 2019)
•   Choose up to three courses.
•   Submit a 600-character course-specific write-up* (mandatory for each choice).       
•   Include a 1000-character write-up on other achievements & talents (optional).

Chat with Us @ Our EAE Centre
Meet our lecturers to find out more about our exciting diploma courses and array of scholarships.   
    •  Date: 27-28 Jun & 1-3 July, 2019     
    •  Time: 2-5pm     
    •  Venue: NYP Lounge, Blk A, Central, Level 3

* Attend our exclusive ‘Ace your EAE Application’ talk. Get effective tips on how to maximise your chances of joining your dream course. Registration is not required.   
    •   Venue: EAE Centre @ NYP Lounge   
    •   Time: 2.30 - 3.00pm daily

2) Show Us What You’ve Got (8 Jul - 20 Aug, 2019)
If you are shortlisted, you will be required to attend an aptitude test or interview which assesses:  
- your portfolio of works, work attachments or sustained involvement in course-relevant projects, 
- your achievements, awards, testimonials and recommendations,
- your participation in competitions, seminars and relevant CCAs,       
- your leadership positions or roles in school or CCAs, and   
- your depth of passion, interest and aptitude for applied learning in polytechnic courses.

3) Say 'Yes' (26 Aug - 29 Aug, 2019)
•   Get your EAE application results at   
•   If you get an offer, it’s conditional. You still need to get the minimum passes at the GCE O Levels.
•   So, be sure to:  
    - obtain a net ELR2B2^ score of not more than 26 points, and 
    - meet the Minimum Entry Requirements (MERs) for your selected diploma courses.
^ELR2B2 = English Language (EL) +2 Relevant Subjects (R2) + 2 Other Best Subjects (B2)             

** Should you change your mind after accepting the offer, you are to submit your withdrawal from 30 Aug - 11 Oct, 2019. If you do not withdraw by this deadline, you are deemed to have confirmed your acceptance and will not be able to participate in the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) and all other polytechnic admissions exercises.


You can apply...
• if you are a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident who have registered to sit for the O Levels in the year of the EAE, or
• if you are an international student enrolled in government, government-aided and independent school in Singapore, and have registered to sit for the O Levels in the year of the EAE.


Our Full-Time Diploma Courses...

Top 5 Misconceptions about EAE...

The applications for the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) are opening soon. Be sure to check NYP out, we offer a wide range of more than 40 courses. Come join us! But before you hit that “submit” button in your application, take note of these five common misconceptions about the EAE. 

1) If I reject my first choice (when offered), the poly/s in the second and third choice will make an offer.
This is not true. You will only get one offer and this could be your first choice. If you reject it, you will not receive any other offers. 

2) As long as I am accepted, my place is guaranteed.
Actually, no. Your place is not 'guaranteed'. When you receive an offer, it is conditional: This means you will still need to meet the minimum entry requirements (or MER <- yes, you will hear this abbreviation quite a bit) of the course you are applying for, and obtain a net ELR2B2 score of 26 or better.

But securing this conditional offer will surely take the pressure off for your O Levels. Now you only need to focus on scoring well enough to meet the minimum grades.

3) I must submit 3 choices.
You do not have to fill in all three choices. For example, if you are only interested in a very specialised animation course offered by NYP’s School of Interactive & Digital Media, you need not fill in the other two choices. 

However, you may want to consider filling in all the choices so as to maximise your chances of getting an offer.

4) As long as I am called up for an interview, my place is guaranteed.
Hang on there! 😊 There are two rounds of shortlisting – the written submission and the interview. Getting selected for the interview is a good thing, but it does not guarantee you a place. You still need to ace the interview.  The interview gives you a great opportunity to chat with your future lecturers to find out more about your dream course, and impress them with your aptitude and passion.

5) After accepting my EAE offer, I can still change my mind and apply for another course through the JAE when my O-Level results are out.
This can only happen if your EAE conditional offer is revoked. When or how is it revoked?
    a) You submit your EAE withdrawal online by the deadline (usually in early October), or
    b) When your ‘O’ Level results fail to meet the conditions of EAE offer, as stated in point 2 above.

When your offer is revoked, you will be automatically placed in the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) in January to pursue other polytechnic/course options.

Want to learn more about how to apply to NYP through EAE? We would love to chat with you too! We’re also here to help with the application exercise: Come to our EAE Centre on 27-28 June and 1-3 July, from 2-5pm. Talk to our lecturers, and attend our "Ace your EAE Application" talk from 2.30-3.00pm daily to get tips on acing that application, including how to prep your portfolio and how to score in the application’s 600-character write up.


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