The Early Admissions Exercise (EAE)…
helps you secure a place in your preferred course – even before you sit for your O-Level exams. This is for you if you have strong aptitude and interest in a field related to the diploma course. It will also help if you have outstanding achievements in sports, leadership, entrepreneurship, community service and the arts.

It’s a great opportunity to get a head start at a polytechnic that recognises your talents and abilities.


EAE Application Process...

1) Decide and Apply (Jun)
•   Choose up to three courses.
•   Submit a 600-character course-specific write-up (mandatory for each choice).       
•   Include a 1000-character write-up on other achievements & talents (optional).

2) Show Us What You’ve Got (Jul - Aug)
If you are shortlisted, you will be required to attend an aptitude test or interview which assesses:  
- your portfolio of works, work attachments or sustained involvement in course-relevant projects, 
- your achievements, awards, testimonials and recommendations,
- your participation in competitions, seminars and relevant CCAs,       
- your leadership positions or roles in school or CCAs, and   
- your depth of passion, interest and aptitude for applied learning in polytechnic courses.

3) Say 'Yes' (Aug)
•   Get your EAE application results at   
•   If you get an offer, it’s conditional. You still need to get the minimum passes at the GCE O Levels.
•   So, be sure to:  
    - obtain a net ELR2B2^ score of not more than 26 points, and 
    - meet the Minimum Entry Requirements (MERs) for your selected diploma courses.
^ELR2B2 = English Language (EL) +2 Relevant Subjects (R2) + 2 Other Best Subjects (B2)  


You can apply...
• if you are a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident who have registered to sit for the O Levels in the year of the EAE, or
• if you are an international student enrolled in government, government-aided and independent school in Singapore, and have registered to sit for the O Levels in the year of the EAE.


Our Full-Time Diploma Courses...

More than 40 diploma courses and programmes are available for application under the EAE.

Of these, 21 diploma courses will be allowed to admit up to 50% (for aptitude-based admissions) of their enrolment through the EAE.
These courses are:

• Diploma in Food & Beverage Business
• Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management
• Diploma in Mass Media Management
• Diploma in Sport & Wellness Management

• Diploma in Architecture
• Diploma in Industrial Design
• Diploma in Spatial Design 
• Diploma in Visual Communication

• Diploma in Nursing
• Diploma in Oral Health Therapy
• Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work)

• Diploma in Business & Financial Technology 
• Diploma in Business Intelligence & Analytics
• Diploma in Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics
• Diploma in Infocomm & Security
• Diploma in Information Technology

• Diploma in Animation & Visual Effects
• Diploma in Digital Game Art & Design
• Diploma in Game Development & Technology
• Diploma in Interaction Design
• Diploma in Motion Graphics Design


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