Turning Trash into Treasure: Upcycling Durian Husk for Sustainable Solutions

Driven by our passion for the exquisite Durian, NYP ventures beyond savoring its luscious flesh and delves into harnessing its husk to embrace sustainability, earning us an eventual heartfelt appreciation from Mother Earth.

Published on 30 Apr 2024

Singapore, renowned as the world's third-largest Durian importer, faces a daunting challenge every year: disposing of a staggering 14 million tons of Durian husks. However, in a remarkable collaboration, Singnergy, the global leader in energy-efficient drying technologies, joined forces with Nanyang Polytechnic to tackle this issue head-on.


Singnergy, specialising in Super-Quick (SQ) drying technologies, recognized the potential of transforming Durian husk fibers into something valuable. Leveraging Nanyang Polytechnic's innovative capabilities, Dr. Henry Leung from the School of Applied Science and Dr. Hengky Chang from the School of Engineering, ingeniously converted the husks into thin, leathery sheets or boards of varying thickness and form, entirely without the need for chemical binders. These lightweight marvels, aptly named "Green Wood" panels, possess a myriad of applications, from doors and ceiling boards to packaging materials.

Durian husks are first broken down, then converted into sheets or boards called "Green Wood".

With the goal of commercialising this groundbreaking "Green Wood" prototype developed by NYP, Singnergy is poised to revolutionise waste management and promote sustainability in Singapore.


By utilising 10 to 25% of the local Durian Husk waste annually, Singnergy aims to significantly contribute to waste reduction efforts contributing to Singapore’s sustainable future – which is also a remarkable example for other industries to follow.


This project stands as a testament to Nanyang Polytechnic's unwavering commitment to leveraging its innovative capabilities to support Singapore's journey towards a circular economy, where waste is transformed into valuable resources.


Mr. KT Chua, Director of Singnergy also shares his positive experience working with Nanyang Polytechnic and Singnergy's goal in commercialising "Green Wood".


"Singnergy has had an incredible experience working with Nanyang Polytechnic on developing "Green Wood" using durian husk.


As the project lead, Dr. Henry Leung has exhibited tremendous passion and dedication throughout our discussions. From the very beginning of the project, Dr. Henry and his team diligently explored numerous parameters to ensure the project's success.


The lightweight prototypes of Green Wood showcase immense potential for various applications, and the fact that its production process does not require chemical binders makes it a truly environmentally friendly product. We are particularly focused on commercialising Green Wood, as our ultimate goal is to provide sustainable solutions that benefit both the environment and our nation.


I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to NYP for their unwavering support and significant contributions. This collaboration marks an important milestone in Singnergy's sustainability journey, and we are truly grateful for the partnership."