Director's Message

Welcome to the NYP School of Applied Science (SAS)! 

Sparking Innovation, Impacting Lives & Industry

April 2021 marks a milestone for the SAS family: After several decades as the School of Chemical & Life Sciences, we are officially changing to our new name.

With the bold decision to rename, we are emphasising our depth and strength in science.  We then apply our knowledge and skills to create bold and innovative solutions to real problems in the world.

Today, SAS offers five diploma courses covering Applied Chemistry, Biologics & Process Technology, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology, Food Science & Nutrition and Pharmaceutical Science.

Our motto, Sparking Innovation, Impacting Lives & Industry, undergirds how we teach and nurture our students. It also inspires us to constantly seek new ways of solving industry problems, be it in food security, food safety, green manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals, or urban sustainability.


Developing You to Your Fullest Potential

Beyond preparing you for the industry, SAS has a student-centric approach to develop our learners into all-rounded graduates. We focus on honing your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This will help you excel in the workplace – where your ability to think and adapt to change will help you stand out from the crowd.


Why SAS?

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose NYP for a Science- & Chemical Technology-based education:

Top Notch Faculty

Members of our strong teaching faculty have professional qualifications ranging from Specialist Diplomas to Masters and PhDs.

Several faculty members also chair professional bodies, sit on committees charting industry standards, serve as experts reviewers for publications, and are technical experts called upon by media.

Our faculty members have also won numerous accolades internationally and locally, including the International Dairy Federation Dairy Innovation Awards, World Dairy Innovation Awards, the MOE Innergy Awards and Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Some of our facilities include:

  • NYP-Pall Centre of Excellence in Biologics Manufacturing Technology

  • NYP-Shimadzu Innovation & Education (NYP-SHINE) Centre for chemical analysis

  • NYP-bioMérieux Food Microbiology Rapid Testing Centre.

  • Secondary Pharmaceutical Technology Centre: an industry-standard pilot plant to manufacture tablets, pills and other medication from active pharmaceutical ingredients, from scratch. In fact, NYP is the only Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) to have this.

  • Food Safety Centre: Accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council, we’re the only IHL that offers certified food testing.

They offer excellent hands-on training and industry research opportunities to our students.

Strong Overseas & Local Partnerships

With our extensive links with industry and institutional partners locally and overseas, coupled with a strong focus on developing industry-relevant capabilities and curriculum, our students can participate in a wide range of internships, joint projects, and study trips for global exposure.

Our students have gone on many exciting overseas exchange or internship programmes, working alongside exchange university students from France, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Japan.

Hotbed of Industry R&D to Commercialisation

With our state-of-art facilities, well equipped labs, kitchens, and pilot plants, our students and staff work closely with a myriad of companies. Some of the big names include Nestle, Jumbo Seafood, Pokka, Barramundi Asia, Roquette Asia Pacific, Dow Chemical, and Eu Yan Sang, amongst others, on R&D projects. 

The innovative solutions for many of these projects have even been commercialised; examples include the safer cholesterol lowering ZeroToxTM Red Yeast Rice, a mouldable fire retarding polymer processed from spent coffee grounds, and vaccines that protect food fish from fatal bacterial infections. 

Practice-Oriented Curriculum Focusing on Developing Innovative & Enterprising Skills

Our curriculum is designed to develop professional technical skills and knowledge in our students, while exposing them to the industry from the onset, to prepare them to become all-rounded professionals highly sought after by the industry.

The curriculum also encourages learners to develop skills to be innovative and enterprising – to always think of new and better solutions to solve existing problems. There will be many opportunities for them to apply these skills beyond science, particularly through community outreach activities to help the less fortunate and the underprivileged.


Learn more about our courses, the fun student activities, and the exciting opportunities for you to develop as an all-rounded individual. Whether it’s the way we teach, the real-life industry projects, or the insightful internships in local and overseas companies and institutional partners; I'm sure there's something for you. 

Join us to develop your potential in creating change for tomorrow.

I look forward to meeting you at SAS.

Dr Joel Lee
School of Applied Science