About the Course

Become a food scientist and discover the wonders of science in food and nutrition as you conceptualise and develop new and exciting food products to satisfy the taste buds of consumers today. This course prepares you for the popular food science and nutrition industry. It provides you with a strong foundation in food safety and quality, food chemistry and microbiology, as well as food processing and food ingredient applications.


This diploma lets you...

Find out how food ingredients interact to create fascinating flavours and textures, and what is involved in ensuring what we eat is safe.

Learn from lecturers with industry experience and make your mark in local and international competitions.

Gain opportunities to work in food-related multinational organisations, or pursue further studies at universities in Singapore, Australia and the United Kingdom.

What You'll Study

  • Career Prospects

    You can look forward to successful careers in fields such as:


    Research and Development (R&D)

    As food technicians in food companies working product development or modification.

    Production/ Manufacturing

    As executives in food manufacturing and production companies, ensuring products are produced in a consistent, safe and cost-efficient manner.

    Quality Control/ Quality Assurance

    As executives who implement and ensure production and manufacturing processes comply with government regulations and certifications requirements.

    Dietetics and Nutrition

    As assistants in dietetics and food service management in the healthcare sector.


    Public Health and Community Nutrition

    As officers at health promotion agencies, specialist health centres and nutrition consultancy firms.

    Sales and Marketing

    As business development, technical sales or marketing executives identifying new market trends, conducting market research and providing technical support.


    As regulatory and legislative executives involved in inspecting and certifying food companies in food hygiene, HACCP, halal, kosher and ISO certifications.

  • Further Studies

    NYP’s Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition opens doors for you to further your education at reputable local and international universities. You can complete a degree in areas such as food science and technology, nutrition, chemistry and dietetics.

    Our graduates have pursued degrees at:

    Local universities

    • National University of Singapore
    • Nanyang Technological University
    • Singapore Institute of Technology


    • University of Queensland
    • Curtin University
    • Flinders University
    • Queensland University of Technology
    • University of New South Wales

    United Kingdom

    • Newcastle University