Valorisation & Upcycling Sustainability Solutions

  • Food waste accounts for about 10 % of the total waste generated in Singapore. Recycling food waste is one of the important components of Singapore’s. drive towards a “Zero Waste Nation”.
  • The research team focuses on valorisation of food waste and by-products such as coffee waste and fruit waste.
  • Our capabilities included Bio-fermentation, chemical extraction, and development of biomaterials from food by-products.
  • Our industry partners included A1 environmental, SingnergyCorporation, and Porcelain Skin.

Iconic Project : Extraction of Collagen from Fish Wastes

  • Fish by-products such as fish scales and fish skin are rich with useful materials that have high demand in the biomedical, cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • A simple cost-effective method to extract collagens from fish skin and fish scales was developed by using environmentally friendly chemistry.

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