Local Internship Programme

We believe in preparing our students to thrive in the workplace. So our School of Applied Science (SAS) offers the Enhanced Internship Programme (EIP) for students to deepen their knowledge and apply their technical and soft skills in an industry setting. It will also help you transition smoothly into the workforce through a well-structured on-the-job training programme with industry-relevant learning.

Students in all our diploma courses are eligible for 24 weeks internship. Students in the Diploma in Biologics & Process Technology course will be offered an extended, 31-week internship with companies such as GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, Novartis BioPharmOps, Shire and Lonza Biologics.


Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Students from our Diploma in Biologics & Process Technology interning at Novartis.

Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing Plant

Student from our Diploma in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology interning at Huntsman (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

Global Yeast & Fermentation Products Company

Student from our Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition interning at Bakery Centre at Lesaffre Singapore Pte Ltd.

Research & Development Laboratory

Student from our Diploma in Applied Chemistry interning at ACM Biolabs.

Pharmacy Department

Students from our Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science interning at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Overseas Internship Programme

At SAS, we want our students to develop a strong regional and global mindset through our Overseas Internship Programme (OIP), which takes them on work attachments abroad.

To date, our students have interned in Australia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Korea, Japan, Thailand, the United States, Taiwan and China. 

Through the OIP, we give you an opportunity to work in universities and research institutions in other countries so that you can gain valuable international exposure. You will also get to learn and appreciate the challenges of working with various cultures. Your ability to adapt and work both locally and globally will put you a step above the rest when it comes to finding employment.

Kagawa University, Japan

Two students from our Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition were attached to the Faculty of Agriculture at Kagawa University.

ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland

Two students from our Diploma in Food Science & Nutrition were attached to the School of Life Sciences and Facility Management.

Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Three students from our Diploma in Medicinal Chemistry were attached to the Chemistry Laboratories at Imperial College London.

Monash University, Australia

Four students from our Diploma in Medicinal Chemistry completed their internship at Monash University's School of Chemistry.

Good Mentorship Stories

“During Internship we will need to work in unfamiliar environment and collaborate with people whom we do not know very well. This is when conflicts might arise due to different opinions and preferences. When such conflicts happen, mentors or supervisors play a very critical role in conflict resolution. Once, the team of interns working on assigned tasks had some disagreement among us. Instead of leaving us to resolve the conflict, my supervisor responded in a professional and calm way. He was extremely understanding of the problems or setbacks that my team and I faced. He sat the team down and spent time listening to each and every member of the team. To me, he served as an important factor in mitigating our problems and predicaments. Because of his efforts, the team was able to move on and the situation improved. Subsequently, he checked in with the team regularly to make sure we were alright. I am grateful for his time, listening ear and the solutions he provided to resolve our conflict”