The Specialist Diploma in Environmental Management & Applied Water Technology course aims at equipping learners with skills in environmental management and water technology. The course emphasises an applied and contextualised approach in training learners with the skills for career development in the environmental/water services industry. The areas of focus are industrial waste & emission management, environmental health & safety, water & wastewater technology and membrane technology.

  • Course Structure

    This course comprises two Post-Diploma Certificates (PDCs).

    Post-Diploma Certificate in Environmental, Health & Safety Management

    • Industrial Waste & Emissions Management (30 hours)
    • Applied Environmental Management System & Policies (30 hours)
    • Workplace Safety & Health Management System (30 hours)
    • Environmental, Health & Safety Management Project (60 hours)*

    Post-Diploma Certificate in Applied Water Technology

    • Water & Wastewater Engineering (30 hours)
    • Advanced Wastewater Treatment Methods (15 hours)
    • Membrane Science (15 hours)
    • Industrial Membrane Separation (30 hours)
    • Applied Water Technology Project (60 hours)*

What You'll Study


Learners who meet the assessment and attendance requirements of the modules under each Post-Diploma Certificate (PDC) will be awarded the respective PDC.

Learners will be awarded the Specialist Diploma in Environmental Management & Applied Water Technology upon successful completion of the 2 PDCs. The award of the Specialist Diploma is governed by the Polytechnic’s examinations rules and regulations.