Overseas Programmes

Your polytechnic education is not complete without an overseas exchange experience. All our students will be given opportunities to go on exciting overseas exchange programmes, internships and study trips. Over the years, we have built close relationships with various international universities and research institutions to ensure you receive only the best training and well-rounded experience abroad.

Chengdu, China Immersion Programme

13 students from NYP School of Applied Science spent about 12 days in Chengdu, China as part of their General Studies Module. The immersion programme is a unique experience designed to provide a dynamic learning opportunity that extends beyond the classroom. Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, serves as the perfect backdrop for learners to explore China's remarkable economic and social growth. With its long history and rapidly evolving present, Chengdu is an emblem of modern China's dynamism. SAS students get a first-hand look at China's rise by witnessing the city's bustling markets, skyscrapers, and high-tech industries. By visiting historical sites, they also gain insight into China's past, understanding the historical context that has shaped the nation's present and future.

Guizhou, China Youth Exchange Programme

SAS students took part in "Zhi & Xing Guizhou" Silk Road Youth Exchange Programme to discover the economic and transportation development of China. Through looking at its history, cultural, technological, and entrepreneurial scene, the program provides a platform for international youth to delve into the heart of Guizhou's rich heritage. After the 7-day journey, students had fostered mutual understanding and built lasting friendships through a wide range of activities, and returned home with a wealth of knowledge and experiences.

Japan Study Trip

32 students had an educational and cultural experience at Nara, Japan. Hosted by professors and students from National Institution of Technology Nara College, students had eye-opening introductions to the college’s research and laboratory experiments. Through industry tours to JT Biohistory Research Hall and Momofuko Ando Instant Ramen Museum as well as cultural tours, our students gained a better appreciation of Japan’s technical expertise, heritage and most importantly built long-lasting friendship with the Japanese Kosen students, who accompanied us throughout the visit.

Thailand Exchange Programme

15 students from NYP School of Applied Science went to Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand from 12-25 March 2023 as part of the Temasek Foundation Specialists’ Community Action Leadership Exchange Programme (TF SCALE). During their time in Thailand, the students were exposed to various sustainability practices and initiatives implemented in different products, rice farms, and gardens in Bangkok. This program aimed to expose and integrate sustainability into their daily lives and provide them with a hands-on experience of how it is implemented in Thailand. Additionally, the students also had the opportunity to learn about Thai culture and language, and build on the friendships they had made with the 15 Thai students who had visited NYP during the inbound programme.

South Korea Study Trip

40 students visited Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, Korea Textile Development Institute and Seobu Sewage Disposal Plant. Students gained insights into the manufacturing industries in Korea and immersed themselves into the local culture by visiting Namsangol Hanok Village, Gyeongbok Palace and many others. 

South Australia Study Trip

26 students visited Flinders University, University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, TAFE South Australia and South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute to understand the research carried out in the research institutes and working culture in South Australia. Students also had fun visiting Kangaroo Island and Haigh’s Chocolate Factory.

Germany Study Trip

21 students visited Germany to appreciate the different education system and working culture. Students visited BASF, TUM Garching and Hochschule Mannheim to acquire an understanding of the operations in the company and universities. The students also experienced the local cultural scene by visiting museums, churches and Nuremberg castle.

Panyu Polytechnic Study Trip

14 students visited Panyu Polytechnic. They completed one General Studies Module (GSM) and had the opportunity to interact with the local students and visited Chinese based companies to understand the working culture in China.

Scotland Study Trip

32 students visited Edinburgh Napier University, University of Edinburgh, University of Dundee, Queen Elizabeth South Glasgow University Hospital and Medimmune Pharmaceutical Company. They had the opportunity to interact with professors, research scientists and students from the various universities. They also visited the laboratory medicine department in the hospital and were also introduced to the drug discovery and manufacturing processes at the pharmaceutical company.

Seoul Study Trip

40 students spent 6 days in Seoul. They visited Veolia Wastewater Recycle Center, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology, Whajin Cosmetics Company and Kia Motors to understand the operations of the industries relevant to their course of study. They also visited National Museum of Korea and Gyeongbok Palace to learn about the culture in Korea.