Biochemical Science Research Group

The Biochemical Science Research Group works with Industry and Academia to deliver needs-driven solutions in the following domains:

  • Vaccines, Diagnostics & Precision Solutions for Aquaculture
  • Complementary & Alternative Medicine - Chemistry & Standards
  • Bioactive Compounds for Skincare
  • Valorisation & Upcycling Sustainability Solutions

Our multi-disciplinary team leverages on a wide range of research expertise and skills to deliver practical solutions, functional, and affordable research products to solve real-world problems.

All our R&D and Industry projects involve students. Our students gain exposure and develop deep technical and critical thinking skills by partaking in these industry-oriented research projects.

Research Themes



  • Super-Intensive Urban RAS Systems for Biofloc Shrimp Culture (MOE-TIF), $203,000, 2020-2022
  • Colony-based assay for detection of industrial enzymes in thermophilic bacteria (Capability & Translational Development Grant), $60,000, 2020-2022
  • MALDI-ToF-MS bacterial colony analyses for aquatic pathogens and Ribocapture (Capability & Translational Development Grant), $66,000, 2020-2022
  • Urban recirculation aquaculture systems for long-term culture of high-value crustacean species (Singapore Millennium Foundation Grant), $741,080, 2019-2022
  • Development of Anti-Fish Specific Antibodies for Use as Bioreagents (Capability & Translational Development Grant), $40,000, 2018-2020
  • Bioactives for Skin Whitening and Anti-hyperpigmentation Cosmeceuticals (MOE-TIF), $115,165, 2018-2020
  • The Effect of In-Class Educational Group Game (EGG) on Students’ Learning Motivation and Academic Achievement (MOE-TRF), $63,650, 2017-2019


  • Min, N., Leong, P.T., Lee, R.C.H., Khuan, J.S.E. and Chu, J.J.H., 2018. A flavonoid compound library screen revealed potent antiviral activity of plant-derived flavonoids on human enterovirus A71 replication. Antiviral research, 150, pp.60-68.
  • Chin, A.L., Yang, S.M., Chen, H.H., Li, M.T., Lee, T.T., Chen, Y.J., Lee, T.K., Petibois, C., Cai, X., Low, C.M. and Tan, F.C.K., 2020. A Synchrotron X-ray Imaging Strategy to Map Large Animal Brains. Chinese Journal of Physics.
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  • • Yeap, J.S.Y., Navanesan, S., Sim, K.S., Yong, K.T., Gurusamy, S., Lim, S.H., Low, Y.Y. and Kam, T.S., 2018. Ajmaline, Oxindole, and Cytotoxic Macroline–Akuammiline Bisindole Alkaloids from Alstonia penangiana. Journal of natural products, 81(5), pp.1266-1277.
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  • Singapore Patent No. 10201607551U: A Method of Authenticating Edible Bird's Nest.
  • Canadian Patent No. 2,758,172: A Plant extract comprising statins and preparation techniques and uses thereof.
  • Vietnam Patent No. 17163: Method of preparing an extract from plant comprising statins
  • China Patent P-No. 1577382: Plant extract.
  • Malaysia Patent No. ZL201080024948.0: A Plant extract comprising statins and preparation techniques and uses thereof.
  • Singapore Patent Application No. 201208059-4, Patent No. 188941: Small molecules for extending the wellbeing of cells and methods of use thereof
  • PCT/SG2016/050136. NUS and NYP joint patent: Drugs from Substituted Phenyl Cinnamyl Ketones

Licensing Deals

Licensing deal with A1 Environmental for an IP on converting coffee waste into “Coffee Plastics” (March 2020)


  • Ministry of Education (MOE)-Innergy Award (Gold) 2019 for the project entitled "Use of Education Group Game (EGG) to Improve Students' Interest and Academic Achievement in Content-Heavy Topics"
  • Ministry of Education (MOE)-Innergy Award (Silver) 2019 for the project entitled "Rapid, non-destructive and on-site authentication method for edible bird’s nest"
  • Ministry of Education (MOE)-Innergy Award (Silver) 2018 for the project entitled "Mangrove Crab Grading Strategies for Seafood Restaurants in Singapore"
  • Ministry of Education (MOE)-Innergy Award (Gold) 2015 for the project entitled “Fish Vaccine for Singapore by Team Creative Urban Sustainable Aquaculture (CUSA)”
  • PS21 Excel Award 2015, Most Innovative Project/Policy (GOLD) Creative Urban Sustainable Aquaculture (CUSA)
  • Ministry of Education (MOE) Exemplary Innovator 2019- Dr Subramaniam Gurusamy
  • Ministry of Education (MOE) Exemplary Innovator 2018- Dr Mark Richards
  • Ministry of Education (MOE) Exemplary Innovator 2017- Dr Saji George
  • PS21 Excel Award 2015, Innovation Champion (Silver), MOE-NYP- Dr Jeff Seng Eng Khuan