Take a look at what our past graduates, and industry partners have to say:

Bethany Ler Per Wen Biologics & Process Technology Bachelor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, NTU

“Biologics and Process Technology was my top pick in NYP and till date I am proud I chose this course! This course gives you an advance standing in the biopharmaceutical industry as the curriculum gears you up with the knowledge and skills required. Rest assured you will be under the hands of very dedicated and passionate lecturers. I am so thankful!”

Muhammad Danial Hidayat Bin Juraimi Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology NTU Undergraduate, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, NTU

“NYP SAS's diversified curriculum helped me to discover my passion in chemical engineering. I was guided by passionate lecturers to solve real life chemical engineering problems by applying mathematical, sciences and critical thinking skills. I had various opportunities to understand more about the chemical industry such as attending the ChemEx tour and chemical plant excursions in the first year. I also had my internship in Singapore Refining Company which was a great eye opening experience in the Petrochemical industry. These experience and skillsets gained are indispensable and will help me greatly in my further studies, and when I decide on my future career paths.”

Suzeen Soh Food Science & Nutrition Recipient of the Best Project Award

“My friends and relatives were surprised to hear that I pursued Poly instead of JC, given that my O-level grades allowed me to enter a decent JC. However, my years spent at NYP served as a confirmation that I had made the right choice. Not only did I pick up relevant skills and knowledge, but NYP also took meticulous care to prepare me for my next step after graduation.”

Chua Yong Le, Eugene Medicinal Chemistry Bronze Medallist in WorldSkills Singapore Competition 2020

“It was in the Diploma of Medicinal Chemistry, where I uncovered the extent of my potential and got to explore my interest in science. I have been guided by many wonderful lecturers who are passionate about the modules that they teach and are eager to mould and guide students into intelligent, compassionate, and resilient people tomorrow. I would not trade my experience in NYP for anything else because it made me who I am today, and I am proud of myself for making full use of my polytechnic life.”

Low Siau Hui Pharmaceutical Science Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy), NUS

"I chose to join DPS at NYP because the training provided was broad in scope, which equipped me with relevant knowledge and skills, taking me further into the Pharmacy course in NUS. Through the lecture and practical, this course has laid a firm foundation in topics related to pharmacology, pharmacy practice and pharmacotherapy, thus enhancing my learning experience in university."

Yip Qiu Mei Biologics & Process Technology NTU Undergraduate, Physics and Applied Physics (Biophysics)

“BPT diploma has definitely given me a great start in NTU. From having relevant courses such as Thermodynamics in NYP to Thermal Physics in NTU, I was equipped with a sound foundation prior to entering university. Also, during the extensive 9-month internship programme with AbbVie in my final year, I gained many beneficial experiences such as working in the biopharmaceutical processes in the clean room.”

Li Huimin Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology NYP-Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) Scholar

"I look forward to the Talent Development and Capstone programmes for NYP scholars to develop me into an all-rounder."

Jonathan Liu Jia He Food Science & Nutrition NYP-Swensen’s Scholar

"The School of Applied Science has great facilities and engaging lecturers to further my interest in cancer and diet research."

Nurul Azmah Bte Iqbal Medicinal Chemistry NYP Scholar

"The NYP Scholarship offers an excellent opportunity for leadership grooming. It is a good exposure especially for someone like myself coming from a neighbourhood school."

Yong Yee Ning Pharmaceutical Science NYP International Scholar

"I chose Pharmaceutical Sciences as I have a strong interest in Chemistry. I would like further my studies to be a hospital pharmacist in the future!"

Keith Low Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology Graduate, 1st Class Honours, University of Queensland

"I truly appreciate the zeal and passion of the lecturers who eagerly imparted their wealth of experience to me with enthusiasm and patience. With state of the art facilities, approachable lecturers and proven curriculum, I would choose NYP's Diploma in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology all over again."

Joanne Ku Wei Kay Molecular Biotechnology NUS Graduate School Scholarship 2014

"Don't underestimate your abilities. Polytechnic education has prepared us well for university. If you are willing to set a goal and stay focused, believe in yourself and follow your aspirations. You can do it!"