About the Course

Unlock a dynamic career with Diploma in Electronic and Computer Engineering! Join the Smart Nation of Singapore with versatile skills gained from the course, partake in digital transformation moves and integrate smart technologies for diverse industries.

Explore the dynamic intersection of Electronics and Computer Engineering and delve into core principles of digital systems, microcontrollers, and software programming. Uncover the latest advancements in hardware design and software integration. What sets this course apart is the opportunity for students to earn industry certifications from leading companies, equipping them with tangible skills for the workforce. Gain hands-on experience, stay abreast of cutting-edge technologies, and position yourself for success in high-growth industries and sectors such as electronics, Infocomm, semiconductor, telecommunications and Internet of Things.

This diploma is for you if…

the thought of enhancing people’s daily lives with innovation excites you and you want to shape the future by creating advanced electronic and computing systems, products and solutions to tackle global challenges!

What You'll Study


Final-year students will also have the opportunity to undertake a full-time project and participate in a local or overseas Internship Programme for one full semester.