About the Course

Do you want to be in the driver’s seat as the array of advanced technologies revolutionise our world, connecting people and empowering devices? From smartphones to intelligent autonomous vehicles, electronics is increasingly everywhere, connecting us all, shaping our future and enriching our lives.

Be part of this exciting and dynamic field where you can shape the way people live, work and play with the Diploma in Electronic and Computer Engineering.

NYP’s Diploma in Electronic and Computer Engineering gives you wide knowledge in the theory and practice of electronics and computing. It allows you to thrive in high-growth industries and sectors such as electronics, Infocomm, semiconductor, telecommunications and Internet of Things.

This diploma is for you if…

the thought of enhancing people’s daily lives with innovation excites you and you want to shape the future by creating advanced electronic and computing systems, products and solutions to tackle global challenges!

What You'll Study


Final-year students will also have the opportunity to undertake a full-time project and participate in a local or overseas Internship Programme for one full semester.