Enjoy a rewarding career as a highly-skilled healthcare or social service professional with a diploma from the School of Health & Social Sciences (SHSS).

You will study in a vibrant environment, where you will gain the knowledge and skills to emerge in the workplace as a competent and well-rounded healthcare or social service professional.

Our programmes are tailored to meet the specific needs of the dynamic healthcare and social service industries. Here you will develop a strong foundation for a successful career in your chosen field.



  • Study at the most established health and social sciences school in Singapore.  
  • Practise in authentic hospital, healthcare or social service environments under the guidance of specialists.
  • Enjoy advanced standing and overseas clinical attachments with our university partners in Australia, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States. 
  • Experience a forward-looking curriculum with innovative and hands-on experiential learning opportunities

Full Time Diploma Courses

Lifelong Learning Courses

  • Director's Message

    Fascinated by the intricacies of the human body? Perhaps you are excited by the challenge of working in a healthcare environment; or you may enjoy working with people and have a passion to help the less fortunate in society? If you said yes to any of these, then NYP's School of Health & Social Sciences (SHSS) is the place for you.
  • Innovative Teaching and Learning

    At SHSS, we nurture skills and enthusiasm for self-directed and self-paced learning. We continuously expand our e-Learning curriculum by developing new multimedia packages that are made available to you on demand.

    Currently, we have more than 40 web-based integrated e-Learning packages that let you learn anytime, anywhere. They cover a variety of topics such as emergency resuscitation, blood transfusion and administration of medication.


Qualifying Exams & Curriculum Verification

  • Industry Projects

    You will work closely with the Ministry of Health, the National Council of Social Service, Health Promotion Board, various hospitals and social service organisations on projects that touch the lives of many. 


21 Dec 2022

NYP Competitors Achieve 4 Firsts for Singapore

NYP competitors had a good haul of medals at the WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition.

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31 Aug 2022

New overseas opportunities for School of Heath & Social Sciences (SHSS)

SHSS signed MOU with Far Eastern University, Philippines.

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29 Jul 2022

NYP graduates clinched Healthcare Scholarships Awards

Awards recognise the achievements of our newly minted scholars.

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07 Mar 2022

SHSS hosted the cast of You Can Be An Angel Too

Catch some happenings behind the scenes!

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07 Jan 2022

Two more WorldSkills medals for NYP

Nursing students won a gold and bronze medal.

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07 Oct 2021

Squid Game, Minus the Gore

Nursing lecturer adapts viral TV show into an engaging lesson!

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Nadia Ariffin
Diploma in Dental Hygiene & Therapy (Year 3 Student)

"With the intensive training I received at NYP, I am now more confident of treating young patients a

Winnie Ng
Diploma in Nursing (Year 3 Student)

"Acquiring nursing knowledge and skills has enabled me to do more for the community such as helping

Michelle Vong
Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work) (Year 3 Student)

"The field placements in my second and third years taught me that every client, as well as the probl