Top 5 Misconceptions about the EAE

Thinking about applying through Early Admissions Exercise (EAE)? There is a lot of information out there. If it is confusing, breathe in and out. We'll help you sort it out. 


So here’s the deal: NYP offers more than 35 courses. Check us out! We’re more than happy to have you join the fam. But before you hit that “submit” button in your application, take note of these common misconceptions about the EAE.


1) If I reject my first choice (when offered), the poly/s in the second and third choice will make an offer.

This is not true. You will only get one offer, and this could be your first choice. If you reject it, you will not receive any other offers. This is why it’s really important how you list your choices.


2) I must submit three choices.

You do not have to fill in all three choices. For example, if you are only interested in the very specialised Diploma in Animation, Games & Visual Effects offered by NYP’s School of Design & Media, you need not fill in the other two choices. 


However, to maximise your chances of getting an offer, you may want to consider filling in all the choices.


3) As long as I am called up for an interview, my place is guaranteed.

Hang on there! 😊 There are two rounds of shortlisting – the written submission and then, the interview. Getting selected for the interview is a good thing, but it does not guarantee you a place. You will still need to ace the interview. The interview is a great opportunity to chat with your future lecturers to find out more about your dream course, and impress them with your aptitude and passion.


4) As long as I am accepted, my place is guaranteed.

This is only true for working adults. 


For O-level and ITE students, your place is not 'guaranteed'. When you receive an offer, it is conditional: This means you will still need to meet the minimum entry requirements (or MERs – Yes, you will hear this abbreviation quite a bit) of the course you are applying for.

  • For O-level students: you will need to obtain a net ELR2B2 score of 26 or better.
  • For ITE students: you will need to obtain a final net GPA of at least 2.0 for Higher Nitec qualification or at least 3.5 for Nitec qualification. 
  • For Nitec in Nursing holders only, the minimum GPA requirement for admission to the Diploma in Nursing is 3.0.

Securing this conditional offer will surely take the pressure off. Now you only need to focus on scoring well enough to meet the minimum grades. Peace of mind? Yes, please!


5) After accepting my EAE offer, I can still change my mind and apply for another course through the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) or Joint Polytechnic Admissions Exercise (JPAE) when my examination results are out.

This can only happen if your EAE conditional offer is revoked. When or how is it revoked?

  • You submit your EAE withdrawal online by the deadline, or 
  • When your O-level results or ITE final net GPA fail to meet the conditions of the EAE offer, as stated in point 4.


If you have accepted a Polytechnic EAE offer but do not withdraw by the deadline, you will be deemed to have confirmed your acceptance and will not be eligible to participate all polytechnic admission exercises.


When your offer is revoked, you will be automatically placed in the JAE (for O-level students) or JPAE (for ITE students) to pursue other polytechnic/course options.


As for working adults, once you have accepted your offer, you will not be allowed to switch courses within or across polytechnics. This is because:

  • Your suitability for the course was already assessed based on your aptitude, interest, and relevant work experience.
  • In addition, you are expected to honour the commitment to your choice of polytechnic and the course under Poly EAE.



All the best in your EAE application!