Funding Support for SMEs

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Enhanced training support for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Recognising the challenges that SMEs may face in sending their employees for training, the Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETSS) offers additional support for SMEs in the form of higher course fee subsidies. SMEs enjoy SkillsFuture funding of up to 90% of the course fees when they sponsor their employees to attend courses supported by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).

Certifiable courses supported by SSG and Academic CET courses (applicable to both Singapore Citizen (SC) and Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) trainees).


A) Enhanced course fee funding
 Existing training support schemeEnhanced training support scheme
Certifiable courses for rank and file90% course fee subsidy 

Certifiable courses for

Professionals, Managers and

Executives (PMEs)

70% course fee subsidy90% course fee subsidy

Enhanced training support scheme


In accordance with IRAS/MOE/SSG guidelines, GST payable on enhanced course fee funding for those on the SME scheme is pegged to the GST payable on Singapore Citizen/Singapore Permanent Resident's fee.

For illustration purposes of a typical part-time diploma course for a Singapore Citizen (SC):


 SC (70% subsidy)

SC under enhanced training support

for SMEs (90% subsidy)

Course fee before GST$300$100

GST payable 

(based on 8%)


Total course fee including

GST (based on 8%)

(B) Absentee payroll funding

For details on Absentee Payroll funding, please refer to update here.

For changes to SkillsFuture course fee funding and absentee payroll funding for SSG-funded courses commencing on or after 1 Jan 2022, please click here.

For more information, please contact:

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Who can apply?

For courses commencing after 1 Jan 2023


SMEs that meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Registered or incorporated in Singapore
  • Employment size of not more than 200 or with annual sales turnover of not more than $100 million

SME-sponsored trainees:

  • Must be Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents.
  • Courses have to be fully paid for by the employer.
  • Trainee is not a full-time national serviceman.

You may view the full terms for training providers here.



This scheme is intended for all organisations, including non-business entities not registered with ACRA e.g. VWOs, societies, etc. Only Ministries, statutory boards, and other government agencies are not eligible under Enhanced Training Support for SMEs Scheme. Sole proprietorships which meet all of the above criteria are also eligible.

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How to apply?

The SME enhanced course fee funding will be administered by Nanyang Polytechnic.

The relevant declaration form can be found at NYP's relevant course details page. The completed declaration form shall be submitted as part of the application process. For SSG-supported certifiable courses, you only need to pay the net course fee (full course fee after SSG’s grant).

For details of absentee payroll claims, please refer to this link.


The above information is accurate as at 14 Dec 2022 and subject to changes from the respective agencies / companies. NYP makes every effort to ensure that all information in this listing is accurate and complete, but is not liable for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions.