Welcome to the School of Applied Science (SAS)

April 2021 marks a milestone for the SAS family: After two decades as the School of Chemical & Life Sciences, we are officially changing our name.

This is not a cosmetic change. With the bold decision to rename, we are emphasising our depth and strengths in science.  We apply our knowledge and skills to create bold and innovative solutions to real problems in the world.

Join us and be immersed in an enriching environment with experienced faculty, state-of-the-art facilities and a nurturing culture. Our lecturers hail from global pharmaceutical, food and chemical majors. Alongside our extensive network of industry partners, they will guide your journey of discovery in the applications of science.

We want to nurture the next generation of leaders, who will lead the charge to create chemicals in a sustainable manner; find novel compounds for medicines and vaccines; and solve food security and safety issues for people around the world. 


Why SAS?

  • Receive training in state-of-the-art and industry-standard pilot plants and laboratories
  • Gain valuable experience working on projects in our six different research centres
  • Work with leading local and overseas pharmaceutical, chemical and food companies during your internships
  • Participate in a wide variety of programmes to become more innovative, enterprising, socially responsible and globally connected


Full Time Diploma Courses

Lifelong Learning Courses

Life at SAS

Get an all-rounded education with our interactive and engaging lessons, field trips, research projects and internship. Watch this video to see our facilities, and how our students are involved in exciting research projects which lead to breakthrough and innovation in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

  • Director's Message

    Established in 2001, at the time when Singapore launched its Biomedical Sciences Initiative, SAS today offers five diploma courses from Pharmaceutical Science, Food Science & Nutrition, Applied Chemistry, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology to Biologics & Process Technology, that prepare “O” leavers to be “future ready” industry professionals. SAS’s motto of “Sparking Innovation, Impacting Lives & Industry” undergirds the way we teach and are committed to nurture the spirit of innovation & enterprise in our students. It is also the inspiration for us to make that difference solving challenges facing industry and S’pore, be it for example in food security, food safety, green manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals or urban sustainability.
  • Innovative Teaching and Learning

    Our holistic learning environment promotes academic excellence, innovation and enterprise, and personal growth. 

    As a student, you can expect contextualised teaching and learning, and discover meaningful relationships between ideas and practical applications in specialised laboratories, research centres and pilot plants.

    Many members of our staff are actively researching and publishing novel findings or involved in projects to solve actual problems for the industry.

  • Our Research Groups

    SAS works closely with industry partners and national research institutions to provide students with valuable, real-world work experience. This will give you insight and experience in your chosen field.
  • Industry Projects

    We team up with industry partners from the energy & chemical, pharmaceutical, biologics, food and life sciences sectors to work on projects and take part in local and international competitions. Every industry project involves the participation of both our staff and students so they continue to stay relevant with knowledge of the latest developments and practices in the industry. 


05 Dec 2022

SAS student won Silver Medal in WorldSkills Competition 2022

Braedon Tay for winning the first medal for Singapore in WorldSkills International Competition 2022 - Chemical Laboratory Technology skills category.

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30 Sep 2022

Creating The Future of Food

The project won a Gold at the MOE Innergy Award 2022.

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29 Jul 2022

NYP food tech specialist clinched Exemplary Innovator Award at Public Sector Transformation Awards 2022

She developed tasty food safe for individuals with dysphagia to consume.

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29 Jul 2022

NYP graduates clinched Healthcare Scholarships Awards

Awards recognise the achievements of our newly minted scholars.

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19 Jul 2022

Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) has renewed their MoU with NYP

This extends the collaboration of the NYP-Shimadzu Innovation & Education Centre.

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01 Jul 2022

Workshop for next gen foodie content creators

Interdisciplinary workshop held at NYP training restaurant.

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Bethany Ler Per Wen
Biologics & Process Technology

“Biologics and Process Technology was my top pick in NYP and till date I am proud I chose this cours

Suzeen Soh
Food Science & Nutrition

“My friends and relatives were surprised to hear that I pursued Poly instead of JC, given that my O-

Muhammad Danial Hidayat Bin Juraimi
Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology

“NYP SAS's diversified curriculum helped me to discover my passion in chemical engineering. I was gu