Take a look at what our past graduates, and industry partners have to say:

Adrian Mak Diploma in InfoComm and Digital Media (3rd Intake) Consultant, NCS Pte Ltd

"The Diploma in InfoComm and Digital Media (System Admin and Networking) is most ideal for anyone who is looking for a career in the area of System Administration and Networking. The modules covered have provided me with enhanced knowledge on Cloud and Server administration as well as in depth knowledge on CISCO network. I came to the course looking to build a foundation in CISCO Networking. After the course, I felt I understand the whole ethos to CISCO Networking and can now implement/relate to my work. Content and presentation used by the Lecturers were consistently of high quality and engaging. Most importantly, each lesson provided an excellent review of the challenges and opportunities inherent in each area – while challenging us to clarify and find our own answers. I feel that all the teaching pedagogy and the presentation materials were extremely good. Indeed an awesome 2.5 years well spent gaining new knowledge and new friends!"

Alvin Gwee Diploma in InfoComm and Digital Media (4th Intake) IT Support, Trainer

"For someone who is looking for a timely upgrade on the latest IT skillsets, I find the part-time Diploma in Infocomm and Digital Media (IT Network and System Administration) course in NYP most suitable. It has substantively enhanced my knowledge of Cisco networking devices, Open System Linux Administration (RedHat Enterprise Linux, bash programming) and Microsoft Server systems. Other modules such as IT Services and Management further grounded me in good project-leadership qualities plus soft skills best practices that I find indispensible in my work as a well-rounded modern-day IT professional. Overall the course has better prepared me for the IT challenges ahead."

Benny Wong Diploma in InfoComm and Digital Media System Administrator, Speedmark Air Transportation Pte Ltd

"Diploma in Infocomm and Digital Media course is a must for all new or existing IT Network and System Administrator. This course further enhanced ‎my knowledge on CISCO Network and Microsoft Windows Severs. The cloud computing modules equipped me with knowledge, skills and techniques in planning, installation and configuration of virtualized IT infrastructure. As such, I am able to present this alternative means of providing IT services to the company’s management."

Jason Chew Diploma in InfoComm and Digital Media Product Engineer, Asis Technologies Pte Ltd.

"This part-time diploma course contents are evenly distributed through the 2.5 years. It ‎greatly enhanced my knowledge on IT and upgraded me from an IT novice to an IT ‎practitioner. The modules on Networking gave me a strong foundation on CISCO ‎network equipment. Others modules such as like Green Computing Technologies, Information Security and Cloud ‎Computing, exposed me to other aspects of IT. I acquired more confidence in IT, enabling me to better interact with customers and other IT colleagues. This course is definitely ‎recommended for those who wish to pursue a career in the IT Infrastructure Operations and Support."

Chua Tze Heng Specialist Diploma in Information Security (15th Intake) Senior Engineer, Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd

"This extremely comprehensive program has given me the advantage of understanding security from all unified industries, enabling me to take the concept (CIA -Confidentiality, Integrity & Authentication/Authorization) and think of areas that i need to focus on to make my environment/organization more secured. The lecturers are knowledgeable, approachable & committed in imparting their skills and knowledge. It is a must-do course for every professionals/managers who are serious about IT Security."

Solomon Chong Specialist Diploma in Information Security (15th Intake) Executive Engineer, Land Transport Authority

"I had a great time of learning throughout the duration of the course, through textbook theory and lots of experience sharing. The lecturers and Industry players gave their insights and helped me to gain a better understanding of all the domains being presented. This was definitely beneficial to me especially in the preparation for my CISSP examinations. With the knowledge gained from this course, I can better prepare myself for the challenges ahead in the IT security arena."

Francis Mahendran Specialist Diploma in Information Security (15th Intake) IT Governance Consultant

"I find the Specialist Diploma in IT security at NYP, the most comprehensive and convenient course designed for working IT professionals. I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to step into the world of IT Security."

Lim Chin Choon Specialist Diploma in Information Security (6th Intake) Senior Systems Engineer, Wyeth Nutritionals

"This course has equipped me with valuable information on how to protect an organization's information asset by assessing and evaluating the three main areas: Data and Network Security, Application Security and Security Administration. Most important of all, students can apply the knowledge (theory) learned during the practical workshop as well as in the final project."

Chua Tian Sheong Specialist Diploma in Information Security (6th Intake) System Engineer, PSA

"I have benefited much from the course in terms of IT security knowledge. What I have learnt is still useful in my daily work such as security of server, etc. The hands-on portion of the course is good. Practices are the best way to understand theories. I managed to successfully complete the course despite my demanding work schedule."

Maurice Yu Specialist Diploma in Information Security (6th Intake) Senior Consultant, Networking, Private Network Solutions Division NEC Solutions Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

"This course focuses on the theoretical as well as the practical part of IT security. NYP managed to find the right balance between theories and practices. I must admit that it is one of the most challenging and rewarding courses I ever attended. This course provides me with a solid foundation to move on to the ever changing IT security career."

Elsie Ong Hong Khim Specialist Diploma in Information Security (5th Intake) Head of Network & Service Support, Global Network Management Centre, Equant

"I like the way the course is structured; almost half the lesson time is dedicated to practical sessions. This gives me the opportunities to have hand-on experience on areas that I have no exposure on. The course has helped to broaden my view on IT security. It has also aided in my subsequent achievement of the CISSP certification."

Elson Tan Specialist Diploma in Information Security (5th Intake) System Administrator, Corporate Information Department, DSO National Laboratories

"As a IT professional for more than 10 years, with an industrial diploma certificate, I recognise the importance of both qualifications and experience. My manager fully supported my application and Nanyang Polytechnic has given me the opportunity to participate in the Specialist Diploma in IT Security programme. The course provides me with skills and knowledge coupled with hands-on learning that I can apply in my professional career. The security workshops and presentations bring together working professionals, to identify and share experiences with each other. This contributes to the learning experience and was very beneficial. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found the experience interesting and very rewarding. I believe that the programme also opens up opportunities for further education and career advancement that enables us to continue on a journey of life-long learning."

Chiam Hock Seng Specialist Diploma in Information Security (4th Intake) Deputy Director (Hosting Support), Singapore Telecommunications Ltd

"It is a comprehensive course, touching the 3 key security areas [Data and Network Security, Application Security and Security Administration & Management]. Especially good for beginners and intermediate."

Roger Wong Specialist Diploma in Information Security (5th Intake) Director, Raco Technology Pte Ltd

"The course helps me gain a full perspective of IT security. It gives me the confidence in pushing ahead our company plan to go into the IT security business. Our company deals with IT security appliances and services."

Zillur Rahman Siddiqui Specialist Diploma in Information Security (3rd Intake) System Engineer, Thomson Asia Pacific Holdings Pte Ltd

"My Manager told me he has given me more increment compare with other colleagues. After I have done this course this is one of the advantages I get from the Specialist Diploma in IT security and I am planning to do some further study in this field. I am sure this course is very good and I get knowledge from all of the lecturers who taught me in various areas. I like to specially thank Mr Steven for his guidance on my project."

Wong Ngie Keong Specialist Diploma in Information Security (3rd Intake) Technical consultant, Business Services Department, StarHub

"Customer are worried about security because of so many virus attacks on their systems. As a security consultant I must give them confidence by knowing the best ways to protect them. From the course, I learnt the latest technologies from data and network, software protection and security management. For example, tools like cryptography, virtual private networks and wireless security, and the methods of Internet attacks and defences. I have gained a better understanding of how to design, roll out and assess these different security solutions. For example, I can emphasise that IT security is a long-term commitment. You have got to have a Plan, Do, Check and Act process."

David Aw Specialist Diploma in Mobile Computing Deputy General Manager, Technical Information System Department Pacific International Lines Pte Ltd

"This is an extremely comprehensive and hands-on programme. Going through the course has given me better understanding of mobile technologies, especially in the security aspect. It was challenging at first for me to develop expertise in three main mobile applications development platform (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) within six months but I had overcome it with the help of committed course instructors who were very approachable and well-versed in their knowledge. I would certainly recommend this course for anyone who wants to acquire more knowledge on mobile computing and security."

Aston Low Chiu Hwa Specialist Diploma in Mobile Computing Windows Servers Administrator Optimum Solutions (S) Pte Ltd (attached to work under Deutsche Bank Group)

"This course has equipped me with a good foundation in mobile computing, which includes coding of native apps, implementing mobile security and even the management part of enterprise mobility. I’ve also had a better understanding of the mobility landscape, market needs, opportunities and challenges that will allow me to identify, provision and manage mobile applications to extend the reach of the organization. I’ve enjoyed the course and valued the interaction with Lecturers, which has also allowed us to learn from their experiences. I believe the programme will open up opportunities and career advancement for both employers and employees."

Chew Shu Feng Mabel Specialist Diploma in Mobile Computing Customer operations service quality manager, technology infrastructure

"This course covers mobile application development in the 3 native platforms (ie Android, iOS and Windows phone) and also covers enterprise mobility and security. It is broad-based and yet covers enough depth to enable us to develop adequate skills in mobile application development and have a good understanding of mobile management and security at the enterprise level. The course provides us the diverse skillsets and knowledge to help us navigate the ever-changing landscape of mobile technology. This course has definitely broadened my view and enabled me to identify more opportunities available in the mobile computing space. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested to learn more about mobile computing or who is looking to leverage on opportunities in mobile computing technology."

Vinodh Kumar Singh Pandarinath Specialist Diploma in Mobile Computing Lead Systems Analyst, Information Services StarHub

"This course helped me acquire deep knowledge on the development technologies in all the three native apps (Android, iOS and Windows Phone). After this course, I am now confident to develop a mobile app on my own. The lectures covered the technical knowledge, expertise to design, develop and manage mobile strategies, services and applications. The Lecturers were very detail and patient. Being from a programming background, it was an enjoyable and smooth learning journey for me. The hands-on programme also ensures that the curriculum is rigorous and individuals can learn and apply in a practical manner. The second part of the post diploma focus mainly on the enterprise and security modules emphasizing the enterprise and security implementation for a mobile app. This module prepares and equipped me with the skills to develop a cross platform mobile application. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about mobile computing and develop practical skills that will enable you to turn your ideas into applications."

Genevieve Tay Diploma in Business Intelligence & Analytics (Class of 2016) Undergraduate, Business Analytics, National University of Singapore Recipient of SAS Institute Inc. Gold Medal Award and NYP-Industry Scholarship (SAS)

“During my course of study, I picked up many important skills such as critical thinking, design thinking and programming. Hands-on learning gave me a better understanding of what I was taught and in turn, I could incorporate what I learnt into my projects. My internship at SAS Institute also helped me to become more versatile in using analytics tools for business and honed my skills in business analytics and methodologies.”

Li Kangli Diploma in Cyber Security & Forensics (Class of 2018) Lee Kuan Yew Award Winner Recipient of CSIT Gold Medal Award

“As someone who learns better with hands-on practice, I have benefited from the various opportunities offered by NYPSIT to apply what I learnt through industry projects, competitions, etc. and also keep up with the latest technologies. Like my two elder brothers who had also graduated from the school, I am very thankful to the school for grooming me to become who I am today. For my brothers and I, NYPSIT is certainly the best choice to pursue IT.”

Chu Jia Hao Diploma in Engineering Informatics (Class of 2018) Recipient of Cisco Systems Silver Medal Award

“Thank you NYP for giving me the opportunity to participate in various competitions, such as Lee Hsien Loong Smart Nation Award, Code::Xtreme Apps:: hackathon to learn how to solve real world problems using cutting-edge technologies. I am grateful to my lecturers’ guidance and will always treasure the friendships forged in the past 3 years.”

Isaiah Wong Hao Jie Diploma in Information Technology (Class of 2018) Recipient of Singapore Computer Society for Outstanding IT Youth Achievement Award, Singapore Computer Society Award for Outstanding Project Work, Accenture Silver Medal Award and Calyon Creativity Award

“With the optimal learning environment combined with experienced lecturers, NYP SIT has given me a strong technical foundation, and allow me to become an invaluable part of society. Having gained the in-depth technical knowledge and experience from the school projects, I was able to start a company Mellow Life Pte Ltd with 2 other business partners.”