Discovering Their Potential at NYP

With the PFP’s bridging year, Yong Jie and Yong Jun were able to learn the fundamentals and set the path for their sterling performance. Both were on the Director’s list every semester and they were also NYP scholars.

Published on 30 Apr 2021
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Twins Chan Yong Jie and Chan Yong Jun used their N-level results and enrolled into NYP’s Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) – and here is where they discovered their strong potential. 


1. What did you like best about the PFP?
Yong Jie: PFP helped me adjust to poly life and built a strong foundation in my field of study. I had no programming background then, it seemed a huge challenge to me. I was on the verge of giving up, when my very approachable and helpful lecturers went the extra mile to coach and encourage me to push myself and keep going. I’m presently coping well in the Diploma in Financial Informatics, and I’ve attained a GPA of 4.0 to date. YAAAS!


Yong Jun: I made a good bunch of friends during my PFP 😊. It also gave me time to adapt to a different learning environment. Initially, I wasn’t confident about doing well in my course as I did not study Principles of Accounts during secondary school. However, the PFP bridged this gap very effectively, and this boosted my confidence. I’m now doing well in the Diploma in Accountancy & Finance, and my current GPA is 3.94.


2. Would you encourage your secondary school juniors to apply to the PFP? What reasons would you share?
Yong Jie: You get to skip your O Levels and pursue what you want to do. The PFP offers a focused route to your preferred field of study, and it provides you with that additional year to transit to poly life – both academically and socially. I’d say: Go for it!


Yong Jun: I would strongly encourage Sec 4N(A) students to apply for the PFP. It gives you an advantage over your peers who join later: you get to make many more friends, and be taught by lecturers who will help you prepare to start the diploma course. You will also have more opportunities to sharpen your various technical skills and leadership capabilities in your CCAs – just by being a year earlier.



3. What has your NYP experience been like so far?
Yong Jie: I had a chance to go on a 2-week Overseas Immersion Programme to Chengdu, China, where I visited Huawei's research centre. The new technologies and R&D done there – truly an eye-opener!

I’ve also participated in the TFSCALE (Temasek Foundation Specialist Community Action and Leadership Exchange) – a student leadership exchange programme that provided holistic learning and cross-cultural sharing experiences. With my Vietnamese counterparts, we came up with ideas and solutions through technology and research. We also shared experiences and fostered friendships.


Yong Jun: I had opportunities to take part in many competitions such as the SMU Accounting Challenge 2019, Deloitte-ICAEW Business Case Challenge 2019 and the National Cashflow Competition 2019. The extensive exposure let me expand my network, and work with industry professionals and students from other higher learning institutions.


I’ve also had the chance to go overseas and broadened my horizons. I participated in the Youth Expedition Project in Hainan, where I had to teach a class on my own. I learnt to manage a big group of students, and most importantly, engage them!



4. What do you wish to do after graduating with your diplomas?
Yong Jie & Yong Jun: We are aiming for Uni 😊