The PFP path allowed me to prepare and excel in my preferred course of study

As shared by Livia Lim (Class of 2021), from the Diploma in Sport and Wellness Management, School of Business.

Published on 30 Apr 2021
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After my N levels, I knew that the NYP's Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) path was the way to go.


A Poly Foundation Year (yes that’s what the letters mean) is where instead of spending an extra year in Secondary school prepping for the O levels, one takes a foundation year at the poly, prepping for your chosen diploma.


I knew I wanted to do something with sports and was attracted to NYP’s School of Business Management’s Diploma in Sports and Wellness Management – precisely because it married the best aspects of business and sports.


I was super prepared for Year One, and I was confident because I already knew what I had to do based on the stuff I learnt during my PFP year. I took modules like Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance and Contemporary Business Studies, which were related to my diploma course, and gave me an added advantage when I made the transit to Year One.


The hands-on learning experiences at NYP gave me the ability to manage projects and organise events efficiently and effectively.


In my final year now, I’ve collected an illustrious list of CCA achievements, representing NYP in the POLITE games for Taekwondo (Editors: Psssssst! She’s a black belt!) and being on the leadership exco for both the Taekwondo Team and the Martial Arts Committee.


I’m currently interning at Dulwich College, an international school in Singapore, as a Sports Assistant. I’m also an assistant teacher for PE lessons, and help run CCAs such as Netball and Swimming whilst taking a key administrative role in the Sports Department. While there were certain sports taught in Dulwich that were relatively new to me, I learnt so much more by stepping out of my comfort zone and learning while on-the-job.


I’m also involved in event-planning, including conducting comprehensive risk assessment activities to ensure that safe distancing measures are maintained. The skills acquired in NYP prepared me for these added responsibilities.


My favourite quote by Benjamin Franklin that kept me going, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” The hands-on training in NYP and my internship suits me.


I aspire to be a PE Teacher, and believe that this internship gave me the foundation towards realising my career ambition.