Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

This webinar's specially curated programme focuses on areas leveraging AI in the management and improvement of patient care and healthcare processes. This event brings together relevant industries and communities which are keen to collaborate in adopting AI solutions for the healthcare sector.

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For further enquiries, please contact Dr Leonard Loh at leonard_loh@nyp.edu.sg, or call 6550 0664.

  • Programme Schedule

    Webinar Host: Dr Leonard Loh, Nanyang Polytechnic

    Time Agenda

    Welcome Speech

    Dr. Choo Keng Wah, Nanyang Polytechnic

    Overview of AI in healthcare: key applications and adoption considerations (Keynote 1)
    Mr Arnaud Bauer, LEK Consulting
    The healthcare system is poised for substantial change as a result of clinical and nonclinical advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This session aims to shed light on how AI can enhance healthcare and ultimately improve patient outcomes at a reduced cost, looking at what AI is, how it is being utilized today and the early implications for healthcare providers.
    Accelerating Innovation in Healthcare with Advanced Analytics
    (Keynote 2)
    Mr Antonio De Castro, SAS
    The past 2 years has showcased an acceleration in vaccine development for COVID-19. But the acceleration in innovation is not exclusive to vaccine and drug development; it extends to the whole healthcare and life science community. Innovative applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, computer vision and natural language processing are moving from moonshot to mainstream. 
    This presentation will not only describe the potential value of these applications, but also illustrate how they are directly impacting patient care through surgical safety, remote monitoring and other programs that were recently developed in the context of a global hackathon hosted by SAS.


    Eye in the Sky: Repurposing CCTV for Fall Prevention
    Dr Tallie Chua, Singapore General Hospital
    Hospitals are crowded places, with sometimes many patients waiting in waiting areas or passing through corridors, tight corners, and blind spots. Sometimes, patients may turn unwell or feel faint causing them to be unsteady. This puts them at risk of falls and poses a threat to patient safety. In this presentation, describe the process our team took in exploring combining artificial intelligence with existing CCTV monitoring to detect gait unsteadiness and prevent falls.


    Automated Osteoporosis Prediction using AI
    Dr. Du Tiehua, Nanyang Polytechnic
    Osteoporosis is a growing, serious public health concern, with about 200 million cases worldwide. There might not be any obvious symptoms in the early stage, thus most cases are undiagnosed until severe consequence, e.g. fracture. In today’s talk, an automated osteoporosis prediction system using AI will be presented.




    AI in Healthcare
    (Keynote 3)
    Dr Keren Priyadarshini, Microsoft Asia
    AI’s role in healthcare is ever-changing, and medical stakeholders need insights from data to make critical life-saving decisions. AI can enhance and assist bringing in a better focus on patients and improved outcomes. AI analysis of clinical and operational data can result in the improvement of patient diagnosis and outcomes, hospital administration, development of drugs and other healthcare products. At the population level AI can be used to analyse demographic data, providing population-wide healthcare insights.


    Accelerating development and deployment of AI pipelines for Healthcare
    Dr Sophia Wei, Nanyang Polytechnic
    The development and deployment of AI pipelines is a complex process. A full AI pipeline contains different stages including data ingestion, data processing, AI modelling and deployment. For each stage, different tools or frameworks are required. Curating all the related resources for different stages demands a wide range of skills over data, AI, DevOps and software development. This poses challenges to both non-tech company and SMEs, because extra manpower is needed for the tasks that are not directly related to company’s own business logic.
    To address the challenge, XpanAI platform has been developed to abstract and automate the curation of suitable AI resources so that the company/health care institution can concentrate on using AI to solve their own business challenges.  In this talk, the speaker will give a comprehensive overview on the state of art technologies that facilitate developing the deployable and scalable AI pipeline, followed by an introduction of XpanAI and how XpanAI can accelerate the whole process.


    Primer on legal implications for the use of AI in the healthcare industry
    Mr Afzal Ali & Dr Tan Hiang Teik, Allen & Gledhill
    Afzal and Hiang Teik will be discussing the legal implications on the use of AI and Big Data applications in the healthcare industry and the unique challenges this may face in the context of patient care and beyond. They will cover selected topics from intersection with patient care, data protection issues and intellectual property considerations. There are profound questions of attribution of responsibility where machine learning is involved, and these questions would similarly apply in the delivery of patient care. There are also pertinent and practical issues involving the extent of IP protection that such applications may enjoy. These are some of the selected topics that will be covered during the session.
    End of Session

Webinar Host

Dr Leonard Loh
Senior Manager, School of Engineering

Nanyang Polytechnic
Dr Leonard Loh has over 20 years of experience in the area of Healthcare Technology and Advanced Materials. He currently holds the role of Lead in NYP360 (Healthcare) leading a team at NYP level in industry collaboration in the Healthcare sector to provide end-to-end solutions.  He is also the Manager in charge of the Healthcare Technology Section which provides digital solutions in Healthcare with strong emphasis on AI and Data Analytics.  

Speakers' Profile


Dr Choo Keng Wah
Deputy Director, School of Engineering

Nanyang Polytechnic

Dr Choo Keng Wah is a Deputy Director at the School of Engineering. He oversees programmes in electronics & computer engineering, biomedical engineering and nanotechnology & materials science. He is currently involved in engineering education administration, education and training quality assurance, and accreditation. Beside educational activities, Dr Choo is actively involved in engaging industry to collaborate both through industry projects and R&D in various fields of biomedical engineering.

Mr Arnaud Bauer
Principal, Healthcare Services, Digital Health, M&A

LEK Consulting

Mr Arnaud Bauer is a Principal at L.E.K. Consulting’s Southeast Asia practice, where he oversees healthcare services, digital health and healthcare M&A. He has over 15 years of experience as a strategy consultant and as an entrepreneur working for financial investors (private and sovereign), corporations and Government agencies. He has advised and supported clients in corporate strategy, growth and diversification strategy, commercial and strategic due diligences and organizational design/change management.

Mr Antonio De Castro
Senior industry Consultant – Health Care & Life Science – EMEA + AP CXP


Mr Antonio De Castro has 10 years of experience in building/deploying analytical solutions and performing end-to-end data analysis for clinical studies conducted all over the world. His expertise extends to the healthcare, consumer health, nutrition, and digital health space and has worked in Switzerland and Singapore. Mr De Castro has deep expertise with open-source analytics (R) and is supporting SAS’ continuous effort in the integration of open source and the data science community at large. Prior to joining SAS, Mr De Castro was the regional data science team leader for a top Nutrition Research Organization providing high-quality end-to-end analytics for clinical research and digital health projects in Asia. He joined SAS in 2021 as Global Industry Consultant based in Singapore and is responsible for industry advice in Asia for the SAS’ European and Asian Health and Life Sciences Practice.

Dr Tallie Chua
Consultant, Emergency Medicine

Singapore General Hospital

Dr Tallie Chua is a consultant emergency physician in Singapore General Hospital, a 2000-bed tertiary hospital. She is the Co-Director of Critical Care in the emergency department and is a Clinical Assistant Professor with Duke-NUS Medical School. Dr Chua is also an active member of the Care Transformation & Innovation Directorate under the Singhealth Emergency Medicine Academic Clinical Program.

Dr Du Tiehua
Senior Specialist (Medical Image Processing)

Nanyang Polytechnic

Dr. Du Tiehua is a senior specialist and senior lecturer specialising in AI and medical image processing. Dr Du plays an important role in driving Research and Innovation in this domain via forming close collaboration with hospitals, research institutions and industry partners. With his continuous effort and innovative solution, he has secured 8 competitive external research grant projects. Through these research projects, he has delivered several innovative solutions and prototypes for hospitals and industrial partners, to solve their issues and challenges.

Dr Keren Priyadarshini
Regional Business Lead of Worldwide Health

Microsoft Asia

As Regional Business Lead of Worldwide Health for Microsoft Asia, Dr. Keren Priyadarshini leads the company’s healthcare business segment across 17 markets in Asia Pacific. Dr. Priyadarshini is responsible for driving and implementing Microsoft’s healthcare initiatives across the region as well as developing solution offerings and strategies that meet the needs of healthcare and life science customers. She also plays a leading role in establishing thought leadership by defining and articulating the company’s vision for the future of healthcare and sharing how Microsoft technologies and partner solutions are making it a reality. Dr. Priyadarshini has been instrumental in establishing the Asia Pacific business for multinational healthcare companies such as GfK and Truven Health. Before joining Microsoft, Dr. Priyadarshini was the Asia Pacific Vice President of Sales for Truven Health Analytics, part of IBM Watson Health, where she pioneered the adoption of Watson in the region.

Dr Sophia Wei
Manager, Artificial Intelligence Group

Nanyang Polytechnic

Dr. Wei is the manager of NYP-Microsoft Centre for Applied AI. She is also the course manager for Diploma in AI & Data Engineering. She has led multiple R&D projects with total value more than S$1.4 million to bring advanced technologies to the industry with successful commercialization contributing to the new product launches. She has over 20 conference and journal publications and obtained her PhD from EEE, NTU.

Mr Afzal Ali
Senior Associate

Allen & Gledhill LLP

Afzal is a Senior Associate in Allen & Gledhill practising civil and commercial litigation and international arbitration. Afzal’s practice area also focuses on data protection and intellectual property disputes. Afzal regularly advises and represents healthcare institutions on a variety of matters and has deep expertise on and perspective of the challenges in the healthcare industry.

Dr Tan Hiak Teik
Singapore Registered Patent Agent

Allen & Gledhill LLP

Dr. Tan Hiang Teik is a Singapore Registered Patent Agent. His practice includes the drafting, filing and prosecution of patent applications, conducting novelty searches, freedom-to-operate searches and/or opinions and the preparation of infringement opinions. Hiang Teik specializes in patent matters relating to optical and audio networks, telecommunication networks/devices, RF integrated circuits, financial systems, membrane technology, semiconductor, IT systems and software and computer-related inventions such as encryption or cryptographic techniques, machine-learning algorithms, and computer vision systems.