About the Course

Are you amazed by the advanced systems on a modern airplane, from the cockpit avionics systems to the in-flight entertainment system? Eager to work on these systems or see yourself taking on a management role in the aerospace industry? Get ready for an exciting career as our Diploma in Aerospace Systems and Management equips you with expertise in aerospace avionics systems and aviation management & services.

Besides learning about state-of-the-art aerospace systems, you will also study how world-class airports are run, and gain valuable experience through internships at well-known aerospace companies. This will prepare you for many engineering and management roles in aviation, including becoming a licensed aircraft engineer. What’s more, you will also have the opportunity to further your studies in both local and international universities.

This diploma is for you if…

You want a successful career in aerospace and aviation, as an expert in aerospace avionics with knowledge in aviation management and services.

What You'll Study