Local Internship Programme

At NYP’s School of Engineering, we take your learning journey beyond books, and let you gain real-world work experience, too. In your final year, you will be attached to a company for your Internship Programme (ITP). 

SEG works closely with companies from various sectors - aerospace, precision engineering, automation, electronics, energy, telecommunications, biomedical, materials science, business and information technology - to let you have a fulfilling and enriching internship experience.


Through the ITP, you can:

  • Apply your knowledge and skills to gain a better understanding of the industry and companies you can work for in the future
  • Relate to a real work environment and learn the importance of work values and cultures
  • Experience a company’s culture, learn to work across teams and appreciate the dynamics of interpersonal relationships
  • Deepen your skills so that you are ready to pursue your dream career after graduation


If you are pursuing any of these courses, you are eligible for the ITP:

• Diploma in Advanced & Digital Manufacturing
• Diploma in Aeronautical & Aerospace Technology
• Diploma in Aerospace Systems & Management
• Diploma in AI & Data Engineering (starting from 2024)
• Diploma in Biomedical Engineering
• Diploma in Electronic & Computer Engineering
• Diploma in Engineering with Business
• Diploma in Infocomm & Media Engineering
• Diploma in Nanotechnology & Materials Science
• Diploma in Robotics & Mechatronics Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

Internship at Collins Aerospace

Chew Pin Hui, Jeremy from the Diploma in Digital and Precision Engineering did his internship at Collins Aerospace, one of the world’s largest aerospace company. During his internship, Jeremy was involved in building a new Creform system for storage to increase the efficiency and productivity of the workplace. He also did troubleshooting of rejected parts, using NX 11 modelling software and 3D printing technology to help minimize the number of rejects and increase parts quality.

Internship at Alcon

Chen Yuqi from the Diploma in Digital Precision Engineering did her internship at Alcon Manufacturing & Logistics, a leading company in eyecare products, specifically contact lens like Dailies Aqua-Comfort Plus and Illuminate coloured lens. During her internship, Yuqi was involved in various key projects for production line requalification, execution of European Union medical regulatory requirements and defect analysis; she also helped to organize department team-building events. Through the internship, she has broadened and deepen her skill and knowledge in project management, hands-on experience in the process flow and requirements of contact lens manufacturing and data analysis, as well as communication and interpersonal skills.

Internship at SSMC

Low Feng Rong (Diploma in Robotics & Mechatronics) did his internship at Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Company (SSMC), a world-class foundry manufacturing CMOS integrated circuits. He was attached to the Advanced Mechatronics Section responsible for the repair and refurbishment of heavy electrical and mechanical parts such as radio frequency generators, valves, motors, etc. Feng Rong managed to design a totally new mechanical fixture for mounting, holding and securing various heavy parts. A complete bill of materials and an animated video of how the device works was also presented and strongly endorsed by his supervisor who sent the design for fabrication.

Internship at Essilor

Peh Li Yi (Diploma in Nanotechnology and Materials Science 2018) did her internship at Essilor Center for Innovation & Technologies AMERA in Singapore. Essilor is the world leader in prescription lenses with more than 170 years of experience and history.
During her internship, she was attached to the tinting group. She got a lot of hands-on experience on the different processes of achieving coloured lenses. She was exposed to various machines and had the opportunity to operate them. Her good performance during the internship landed her a job with the company, which she joined after her graduation.

Internship at Sembcorp Marine

Eugene Lim Jia Sheng (Diploma in Electrical Engineering with Eco-Design) did his internship at Sembcorp Marine’s Tuas Boulevard Yard involving the development of Shore Power Management System (SPMS). He successfully completed software development using the LabVIEW platform, on-site integration and testing. The developed SPMS application is capable of metering and billing of shore-to-ship energy usage based on assigned job number. Through digitalization of the metering and billing process, the solution improves work efficiency, reduces data entry errors, operating cost, as well as paper usage towards a greener operation at the shipyard.

Internship at Siemens Mobility

Myra Shee Hui (Diploma in Engineering with Business) did her internship at Siemens Mobility, a leading provider of urban, interurban and freight transportation solutions. She was tasked with the responsibility of supporting the various business development activities at the Sales and Projects Division. Myra participated in two major sales projects, cost-benefit analysis for SMRT Downtown Line maintenance and a tender submission for the Jurong Region Line Service, where she worked closely with both internal and external stakeholders.

Internship at Medtronic Asia Pacific

Nur Sarah Binte Jani (Diploma in Biomedical Engineering) did her internship at Medtronic Asia Pacific, the world’s largest medical device company. During her internship, Sarah was involved in managing all small equipment repairs for the Restorative Therapies Group. Sarah was also responsible for assembling and testing products with compliance to quality control specifications, standard operating procedures requirements, and technical methods.

Internship at STMicroelectronics

Beltran John (Diploma in Electronic Systems) was attached to STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor manufacturer delivering solutions that are key to Smart Driving, Smart Industry, Smart Home & City and Smart Things. In line with the push for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Beltran was involved in implementing IoT solutions that provides cost savings and enhancement to the company’s factory processes and operations. The company provided a learning opportunity for him to travel to Malaysia to witness how his impressive achievements were successfully deployed in their factory.

Internship at Thales Solution Asia

Li Siyang (Diploma in Aerospace Systems and Management) did her internship at Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd, a multinational company with presence in Singapore for over 40 years. The company provides solutions for customers in the aerospace, defence, security and transportation domains. During her internship, Siyang was assigned to the team responsible for maintenance, calibration & repair of tools and equipment to support production and repair activities. She also worked on the implementation of various ideas for continuous improvement in the safety and efficiency of the workplace.

Internship at Singapore Aero Engine Services

Jolene Soon (Diploma in Aeronautical & Aerospace Technology) joined Singapore Aero Engine Services Private Limited (SAESL) as a trainee technician while doing her internship at SAESL. Her internship ran concurrent with her one year fully-sponsored technician training programme which encompassed company familiarisation, classroom training and on-the-job training. She will be deployed as a qualified aircraft engine technician after the programme.

Internship at StarHub

Lee Jason, Alyssa Chang, Chiam Jia Hui (Diploma in Multimedia & Infocomm Technology) did their internship at StarHub Pte Ltd. Putting what they have learnt into practice, they became part of a large project team to complete development of an enterprise application using Java and SQL Server Reporting Services. The internship experience will stand them in good stead in their future careers.

Overseas Internship Programme

If you prefer to gain overseas exposure, you can apply for the Overseas Internship Programme (OITP). This programme gives final-year students the opportunity to work abroad and gain global experience. If selected, you will be attached to an organisation overseas for three to six months.

Through this programme, you will learn to appreciate and understand the challenges of working and living abroad. It will be an enriching and memorable experience as you work in an environment that is socially and culturally different from Singapore.

You can look forward to a wide range of opportunities, thanks to our close collaboration with international organisations. Since the OITP started in 1994, our students have been placed in companies across the globe, in countries such as Germany, France, UK, Austria, Finland, US, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Vietnam and South Africa.

Overseas Internship at Arburg, Lossburg Germany

Two SEG students pursuing Diploma in Digital Precision Engineering participated in a 2-month overseas internship programme at Arburg, in Lossburg, Germany. The internship provided Seungho and Kington a very rewarding and enriching experience, working with international colleagues from different Arburg subsidiaries from Malaysia, China and Brazil. They had the opportunity to be attached to the Assembly, Production and Applications Departments, working on plastic injection machines, assembly machines and data analytics. The scenic mountainous landscape of Lossburg is an added highlight to the internship. 

Overseas Internship at Stryker, Suzhou, China

Three SEG students participated in a 3-month overseas internship programme at Stryker, Suzhou, China. The students were posted to different departments, Wei Qin in the Reliability & Quality Assurance Department working on product quality assurance, Ceppellin in the Continuous Improvement Group working on data analytics, and Rachel in the Engineering Department working on the documentation of an on-going project. During the internship, the students experienced the work ethics and culture in China and learnt new technical and professional skills; they also visited many places of interest and learnt the rich Chinese history and culture.

Overseas Internship at National Chi Nan University, Puli, Taiwan

Seven SEG students participated in a 3-month overseas internship programme offered by the National Chi Nan University in Puli, Taiwan. Throughout the duration of the internship, the students worked under the supervision and guidance of the university professors and graduate students, embarking on various R&D projects. Kyo and Clarissa worked on using artificial intelligence for image and video processing, Qhairul researched on CMOS capacitive fingerprint sensor chips, Jemima and Gina developed IoT systems, Qing Tian and Max worked on the implementation of the hardware-in-the-loop and augmented reality simulation of a robotic arm. The internship offered the students a wonderful opportunity to experience and explore the unique Taiwanese food and culture.

Overseas Internship at Tan Chong Subaru Automotive, Bangkok, Thailand

SEG student, Xuan Ming, did a 3-month overseas internship programme at the Tan Chong Subaru Automotive in Bangkok, Thailand. He was attached to the logistic and assembly line departments, and embarked on various projects involving warehousing and integrated manufacturing system, working on production processes enhancement and automotive assembly line balancing. The internship also offered him a wonderful opportunity to experience and learn the Thai language and culture by cultivating friendship with many colleagues in the company.

Overseas Internship at National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College Japan

Four SEG students participated in a 3-month overseas internship programme at the National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College. The students embarked on various R&D projects during their overseas internship programmes. Seetoh Hwee Hong researched on semiconductor thin film solar cells. Evien researched on relation between chemical structure and antioxidant activity. Shu Min created an augmented reality application in unity for use in visualizing human anatomy imaging data. Adren researched on classifying different types of Eczema using deep learning algorithm. The students had a great learning experience.  The attachment also offered a wonderful opportunity for the students to experience the Japanese culture and gain valuable friendships with the Japanese and international students. 

Overseas Internship at National Institute of Technology, Kurume College Japan

Four SEG students participated in a 3-month overseas internship programme at National Institute of Technology, Kurume College. The students embarked on various R&D Projects during their overseas internship programmes. Anson Liew created a distance/motion detector PCB for the use of preventing collision. Edison Kwok research on cars powered by electrified road. Edmund Yang researched on an image classifier for Diabetic Retinopathy. Godwin Tong researched in crack detection on pavement/road. The students had a great learning experience. The attachment also offered a wonderful opportunity for the students to experience the Japanese culture and gain valuable friendships with the Japanese and international students

Overseas Internship at One Process Machining (OPM), Japan

Two SEG students were selected by OPM, Japan for an overseas internship. Both students were attached to the R&D department. This internship has provided them an enjoyable, fruitful and unforgettable learning experience in the local work culture and helped them to improve their grasp of the Japanese language. This gives final year students an opportunity to work in overseas companies, and gain regional and global exposure to the latest development in Hybrid Metal Additive Manufacturing Technology for precision engineering.

Overseas Internship at Flinders University, Australia

Two SEG students participated in a 3-month overseas internship programme at Flinders University, Australia. The students embarked on various R&D projects during their overseas internship programmes.  Elson was tasked to research on a dual cure polymer system for additive manufacturing and Tom was tasked to research on producing carbon nanotubes for solar cells fabrication.  The students had a great learning experience doing research work with the professors at Flinders University and they learned to work with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.  The attachment also offered a wonderful opportunity for the students to experience the life of living abroad and gain valuable friendships with the people they worked with.  

“I am glad that NYP offers the overseas internship programme as I am able to experience life in an unfamiliar place, bringing me out of my comfort zone. This allows me to become a more independent 

Overseas Internship at Korea Polytechnics VII, Changwon South Korea

Two SEG students participated in the first ever 12-week Overseas Internship at Korea Polytechnics (KOPO). They attended CNC programming and machining courses at KOPO. Classes usually starts in the morning and in the afternoon. They also worked on group design project and fabricated the parts themselves. This internship had exposed the students to CAD and CAM technology. From this internship programme, the students gained valuable immersion experiences in the Korean culture, language, food and work ethics.

Overseas Internship at ESIEE Paris, France

Two SEG students participated in a three-month overseas internship programme at ESIEE Paris France. The students embarked on various R&D projects during their overseas internship programme. Aloysius Cho worked on “Exploration of open source vision systems for navigation of unmanned vehicles” while Abigail Tan worked on “Development of adaptive cruise control for a driverless vehicle using MATLAB-Simulink”. This three-month internship has both been an enriching experience for them and provided them with a memorable overseas learning journey.

Overseas Internship at GF Machining Solutions, Nidau, Switzerland

Two SEG students participated in a 3-month overseas internship programme at the Georg Fischer Machining Solutions, Switzerland. At GF, both students have hands-on training and observations on the assembly of highly precision CNC milling machines. Each of the students have completed two mini- projects involving research on the megatrends and short-term & long-term solutions of tracking system of spindle repair status for Step Tec Ag. Through this internship programme, both students have gained valuable immersion experiences in the Swiss culture, language, food and work ethics.

Overseas Internship at TVS Motor, Honsur, India

Two SEG students participated in a 5-month overseas internship programme at TVS Motor at Hosur, India. The students were posted to the production engineering department where they embarked on different production engineering and improvement projects. Jonathan was tasked to improve the efficiency of a milling machine work-cell and Edmund’s project involved the reduction in production space of 50% with the use of technology.  Both students have a great and yet unique working and learning experience in a fast-paced and fulfilling attachment.

Overseas Internship at RLC Callender, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Two SEG students participated in a 3.5 month overseas internship programme at RLC Callender, UK.  The two students worked together with a group of professional engineers to design jig and fixture for turbine engine components. This overseas internship has provided them a fun-filling experience as they had the opportunity to learn the British culture, their working life and also visited many places of interest.

Overseas Internship at Digipen, Redmond, USA

SEG student, Tay Kun Yao, went to Redmond USA for a 15-week DigiPen Poly Foundation Course. The course is part of the Young Talent Programme (YTP) – Market Immersion under IE Singapore. During the course, Kun Yao got the opportunity to take 1st year University level modules in Game Programming, Maths and Computer Science. He was also involved in 2 projects - developing a robotic tank that can navigate a maze and a command driven interactive game. He had the opportunity to work with students of different nationalities and expanded his network of friends.  It wasn’t all studies and no play, Kun Yao took part in a pumpkin carving event organised for international students during Halloween week and explored the sights and culture of the greater Seattle area during his spare time. Overall, Kun Yao had a unique learning experience that will better prepare him for further studies.

Overseas Internship at British Columbia Institute of Technology, Canada

SEG student, Timothy participated in a 3-month overseas internship programme at British Columbia Institute of Technology, BCIT. He was posted to Novadaq, a medical device company that specializes in endoscopic fluorescence imaging systems for real-time visualization of blood perfusion. The student had the opportunity to work with specialists in different technical fields and developed programming skills in medical image processing and data analysis.  He also immersed in local culture and enjoyed the working experience as a member of a project team.

Overseas Internship at Scandinavian Health Limited (SHL), Taoyuan, Taiwan

Three SEG students participated in a 4.5-month overseas internship programme at Scandinavian Health Limited (SHL), Taiwan. SHL is currently the world largest maker of drug delivery system. SHL manufactures manual drug pen-injectors and auto-injection system. Students were attached to the Automation System Department and undertook several projects ranging from test development to characterization of equipment.

Information for Participating Company or Organisation

For company or organisation is interested to offer internship for our students or if you want more information on this programme, please contact:

Type of Internship Contact
Local Internship

Mr Jensen Goh
Tel: 6550-0634
Email:  jensen_goh@nyp.edu.sg

Ms Norpipah Bte Ibrahim
Tel : 6550-0415
Email: norpipah_ibrahim@nyp.edu.sg

Overseas Internship

Dr Foo Yong Wee
Tel: (65) 6550-0962
Email: foo_yong_wee@nyp.edu.sg


Mr Patrick D’Cruz
Tel: (65) 6550-0519
Email: patrick_dcruz@nyp.edu.sg

Foreign Student Exchange

If you are an international student, enrich your student life here and deepen your skill sets via our Foreign Student Exchange Programme, which offers outstanding students an internship and attachment opportunity with us.


With our strong industry links, we provide challenging, interesting and practical projects relevant to your training and academic goals. You will get opportunities to contribute, implement and work on industry-related projects.


This programme benefits both international and local students, as new friendships are forged between diverse groups of students, adding to an enriching polytechnic experience.

We offer a wide range of specialised fields, including:

  • Engineering Informatics (IT)
  • Info Communication
  • Computer Aided Engineering (FEM/Mould Flow Analysis)
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Micro Systems (MEMS)
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Wireless Technology
  • Embedded Technology
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Microelectronics & IC Design
  • Telecommunications
  • Photonics Technology
  • Communications & Networking
  • Web-based Services & Products
  • Mobile Computing
  • Interactive Media
  • Machine Vision

We have established strong academic ties with several international institutions and universities. We have also signed several memorandums of understanding with partner universities, including the University of Queensland (Australia), Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs en Electronique et Electrotechnique (France), Fachhochschule Potsdam (Germany), Fachhochschule Esslingen (Germany) and Fachhochschule Mannheim (Germany).