Overseas Programme

In response to the diversifying and globalised knowledge-based economy, the polytechnics are actively seeking ways to internationalise polytechnic education with a view to providing local polytechnic students and staff with more opportunities to experience overseas immersion. The initiative of providing students with an overseas experience will help to nurture a global mindset amongst students and to produce graduates who are locally relevant yet flexible and sensitive to global economic changes.

Overseas Educational Trips to Asian Region

The Asian region is fast developing and growing. Students see and experience the transformation in our neighbouring countries. Students also gain first-hand experiences interacting with local students, appreciate the differences in culture, educational system and technological advancement.

Leadership Camp at Bintan (13 - 16 Jun 2016)

15 Students participated in the 4-day Leadership Camp at Loola Adventure Resort, Bintan Indonesia. Students were exposed to activity-based experiential learning for developing leadership and team-building skills. Activities included Skywalk, Coconut tree climbing, Camping at no-man’s island, Rock-climbing, Flying-fox, Hiking, Archery and Camp fire. Students also interacted with local students to learn about creating eco-friendly & sustainable solutions for Bintan through a community involvement project (CIP). They were challenged with real-life situation to be creative and resourceful.

Adventure-filled Chiang Mai, Thailand (13 - 17 Jun 2016)

23 Students embarked on a 5-day fun-filled adventure to explore the richness of Chiang Mai. Activities included visits to Doi Sutep Mountain Reforestation Research Nursery, jungle trekking at Inthanon National Park, ‘Flight of Gibbons’ Leadership & Teambuilding, and visits to padi-field, long-neck village, museums and night markets. Students also visited Bandekee Orphanage to participate in community involvement project (CIP) for the local students.        

UNESCO Beauty of Hanoi, Vietnam (16 - 22 Mar 2016)

27 Students joined the 7-day education trip to Hanoi, Vietnam. Highlights of the trip were: Overnight cruise at Halong Bay (UNESCO World Heritage Site), exploring Red River Delta on Vespa, Amazing Race team building activity, Hands-on cooking class making authentic Vietnamese food, Community Service Project (CIP) at Lomonoxop Elementary School, and Industry Visit to Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park (Bac Ninh).

Busy City of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (13 - 16 Jun 2016)

35 Students explored the busy city of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and got a glimpse of its past history and its growing economy in 4 days. Highlights included visit to Cu Chui Tunnel, War Remnants Museum, Vietnam People’s Air Force Museum, Mekong Delta, Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park, Saigon High-Tech Park and Bourbon Tay Ninh Power Plant.

Multi-facet Taiwan (15 - 20 Mar 2016)

28 Students experienced the multi-facet beauty of Taiwan in 6 days. Key highlights: Farm Stay at Yilan, Sky-Lantern DIY, Trekking at Taroko National Park, Engineering marvels of earth-quake proof Taipei 101, Hot spring at Beitou, Industry Visit to carbon-fibre bike factory & organic food production plant, China University of Science & Technology at Hsinchu, and many exciting explorations at Danshui, Jiufen, Shifen and Ximengding.  

Overseas Educational Trips to Rest of the World

Students visit the rest of the world to learn from countries that are more developed than ours. Rich and highly customised learning journey to universities, guided facility tour of factories/ engineering industries, cultural immersion, and exchange programmes are among some of the key features of these trip. Students get a chance to horn their soft skills as they learn & experience the importance of teamwork, respect, communication and adaptive skills too!

Love for Nature – Brisbane, Australia (2 - 8 Oct 2016)

35 Students thoroughly enjoyed the 7-day learning journey to Brisbane and Gold Coast, Australia. Students visited University of Queensland, Port of Brisbane, ‘XXXX Brewery’, Dreamworld and were led on guided facility tours to appreciate the high technology engineering & IT behind these operations. Other activities included: working with animals and making food over camp fire during farm stay, exploring rain forest & waterfalls in Mount Tamborine in 4WD, visits to bee farm and shopping outlets.

United Kingdom (27 Mar - 8 Apr 2016)

40 Students participated in the 13-day educational trip to London & Birmingham, United Kingdom. Key highlights were university visits to Oxford University, Birmingham University & University of Warwick, guided factory tour of Rolls-Royce (engine), RLC Callender (aerospace components) & JCB (construction equipment), experiential learning taking London Tube, attending a Musical & touring through Old Trafford Stadium, and not forgetting visits to historical Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Edinburgh & Warwick Castles. 

West Coast, United States of America (20 Sep - 2 Oct 2016)

40 Students participated in the 13-day educational trip to the west coast of USA. Key highlights were university visits to Stanford University and California State University, tour of innovation to Apple Campus, Google Android Statue, Intel Museum & Tech Museum of Innovation at Silicon Valley, guided facility tour of NASA Ames Research Centre, LA Times Printing Factory, Hoover Dam & ‘Behind the Scene Hollywood’ private tour, and touristic visits to Golden Gate Bridge, Grand Canyon and Disney California Adventure.