Sustainability Efforts


The School of Engineering has in place multiple channels to support the individuals and industries to embark on sustainability efforts supporting one of NYP's strategic goal of Committing to Sustainability 


Why Nanyang Polytechnic School of Engineering:

  • Legacy of the EDB training institutes which has worked with numerous industries.
  • NYP has worked with more than 1500 number of industry partners, including SMEs, LLEs, MNCs and government agencies
  • Working with experts which have been working with the industries, for the industries


Lifelong Learning Courses that can level up Sustainability Efforts

NYP Industrial Projects


With the global effort to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, do not hesitate to approach experts in the field of sustainability who can support your plans leveraging on latest developments in carbon management strategies.  We will also be able to share the government support and grants applicable for the sustainability efforts.

Interested parties may email Poh Boon Kiat or Tan Piak Phuang.