Director's Message

Information Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives and permeates a vast spectrum of industries and sectors, both locally and worldwide. This bodes well for learners who want to pursue their passion and careers in IT as the demand for IT professionals is high. My colleagues and I would like to welcome you to the School of Information Technology to be a part of these exciting times in the IT Industry, be it as students or adult learners, full-time or part-time. We offer 5 full-time IT Diploma courses and a Common ICT Programme which are designed to prepare you for the future by empowering you with the knowledge and competency to be at the forefront of the digital revolution as a skilled IT professional.


Singapore has developed the SkillsFuture Framework, a national movement that provides diverse opportunities and various pathways for learners to attain their fullest potential throughout their lives, regardless of their starting point. All our Diplomas and offerings in the Schools are aligned with this framework. Besides full-time courses, we offer specialist diplomas, part-time diplomas and many other lifelong learning courses for adult learners to develop and master emerging digital technologies that are required in their course of work, especially in this new era of workforce transformation. I invite you to spend some time on our web pages and explore our courses.


Our lecturers come from diverse backgrounds bringing with them a wealth of industry experiences and qualifications. They are passionate about teaching and eager to nurture our students through an all-round education, providing students with a well-balanced curriculum that stretches beyond the classroom to competitions, local and overseas internships, universities’ exchange programme and many other initiatives. Besides teaching, they also perform applied research and conduct real-life project development and solutioning with companies. This overall environment gives our students many opportunities to develop leadership qualities and life skills.


SIT values diversity in, and the inclusion of, all our students, alumni and staff in all our activities, be it in teaching and learning or physical facilities. We are very proud of our Alumni who have many success stories, ranging from stellar performances at universities to outstanding career advancement. We are also thankful that they have been contributing to the School over numerous activities and events. We look forward to more collaboration with our Alumni members.


To our students, adult learners, parents, alumni and staff, let us together embrace the current landscape in IT education, be it in technologies such as AI, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Mobile Innovation, Software Development etc., or be it across diverse domains such as healthcare, retail, industry 4.0, food, etc. Let us be partners to level up the competencies in our learners to tackle local and global challenges as we translate ideas into actions for the benefits of our society. Technology changes the way we learn, work and live. Let us “Lead the Change Together”. 


Mr Daniel Wee
School of Information Technology