Director's Message


Welcome to NYP’s School of Information Technology!

Information technology is becoming increasingly essential in our data-filled world, and you may be curious about how it plays a part in our daily lives. We’re here to transform your curiosity into relevant skillsets.

Here at the School of Information Technology, you can choose from five full-time IT diploma courses, alongside a common ICT programme and various lifelong learning options. Our lecturers, who come from diverse backgrounds, bring with them a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. Our strong linkages with the industry also ensure that our training is up-to-date and relevant.

Starting from April 2021, learners enrolled in our Diploma in Business Intelligence & Analytics will experience a whole new teaching model – the NYP Professional Competency Model (NYP-PCM). The first of its kind in Singapore, this teaching model was co-created with IT industry leaders and fundamentally reimagines poly education. Under the PCM, learners can also expect to graduate with additional industry certifications to kickstart their careers.

As part of our enriching and well-balanced curriculum, we ensure there are opportunities such as competitions, internships, industry projects and universities’ exchange programmes among others.  Starting from 2021, selected learners in the final year of their diplomas can also do a 1-year apprenticeship with GovTech in lieu of their academic modules, internship, and final year project.

Whether you are a student who’s keen on pursuing a diploma with us after your O Levels, a professional seeking specialised IT skills or someone who just wants to explore the world of coding, we look forward to enriching your learning journey!


Mr Dennis Ang
Senior Director (Innovation & Infrastructure)
concurrent Director, School of Information Technology