SIT Freshmen Orientation 2019

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It’s a new chapter of your life and we would like you to have a great start at our Freshmen Orientation 2019 on 8 & 9 April 2019. You’ll get to meet new classmates and friends who may become your BFF in time to come. We’ll help you assimilate into the new environment and let’s have plenty of fun and laughter together! Start etching your memories with your new-found friends and let us “Lead the Change Together”.

Pre-registration is not required and there will be no overnight stay during the orientation. Just come dressed in your sports attire and track shoes but do bring along an extra set of clothes.

Invite your parents for the Parents' Seminar on 26 April 2019 @ 6.30pm at TFA to prepare them to journey with you in your new chapter of life at Nanyang Polytechnic.


General Enquiries

For FMO2019 enquiries, please email:


Ms Angela Quek

for Common ICT Programme


Mr Lee Ching Yuh

for Diploma in Business & Financial Technology


Mr Roy Ng

for Diploma in Business Intelligence and Analytics


Mr Teo Yong King

for Diploma in Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics


Ms Loh Moi Yong

for Diploma In Infocomm & Security Informatics


Ms Joanne Foo 

for Diploma In Information Technology