Smart Glass Platform
School of Information Technology

The “Smart Glasses Platform” project is a collaboration between GovTech and School of Information Technology (SIT) which aims to develop a working Smart Glasses Platform that consists of a mobile application running on Smart Glasses, that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Cloud technologies to address use cases such as community care and mobile medical consultations etc.

The solution consists of the mobile application and a web portal that offers:

  • Near real-time face cropping and recognition with AI algorithms to verify and retrieve patients’ medical records.
  • Enrolment of patients and their faces.
  • Teleconsultation enabled through video conferencing on the cloud between the community nurse (wearing the smart glass) conducting the visits to patients’ home and doctor (in hospital).
  • Photo taking and messaging interface for communication between doctor and nurse.
  • Updating of medical records.
  • Standard operating procedure checks and reminders.
  • Develop the necessary applications on cloud to enable the above functionalities.