Digital Convergence and Mobility Innovation Centre
School of Information Technology

NYP and Samsung signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 21 March 2013 to establish the Digital Convergence & Mobility Innovation Centre to develop and showcase advanced technologies and solutions in collaborative learning, retail solution innovation and smart device application development.

The scope of the Centre includes researching into collaborative learning and conceptualize a learning space (physical and virtual) where digital technologies could be used to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning. This includes leveraging on digital technologies to enthuse and further develop students’ competencies of critical thinking and active learning using engaging pedagogies as the enabler. 

In the area of Retail Solution Innovation, the collaboration will also enable the development and exploration of innovative ways to increase the flexibility and capacity of product display and offering to enhance consumer experience and business outcomes.

On Smart Device application development, the centre aims to develop expertise in smart device application development through training and technical exchanges. It will also see the development of innovative applications and services being created for smart devices that aim to improve people’s lives.

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