A Solution of 'Interest' to Property Developers
School of Information Technology

School of Information Technology (SIT) and Far East Organisation (FEO) have collaborated to design and develop a web-based IT solution to streamline processes in the management of Registration of Interests (ROls) during property pre-launches. 

Property developers use information derived from ROls to make key business decisions that can determine the success of a launch. This new mobile driven solution helps FEO capture information such as demographics of potential buyers and overall sentiment of the market quickly and accurately. 

This IT solution has an easy-to-use interface and is tablet-friendly, giving the user greater flexibility during the data entry process. 

A reporting module also significantly reduces the time and effort required to churn out reports and statistics, increasing the user's work efficiency. 

Next, SIT and FEO are exploring into enhancing the solution by integrating it with the company's customer relationship management system to seamlessly synchronise customers' information across different platforms.