About the Course

One Diploma, Two Specialisations, Many Opportunities

This is for you if you are keen to be part of the new generation of entrepreneurs and business professionals in the digital age.

Be equipped with a diverse range of skills and make a difference in the business world. Pursue a dual track in fields such as International Business, Marketing & Digital Communications and E-Commerce & Retail Management.

You will learn fundamental business subjects and critical, specialised skills such as digital marketing, business analytics and design thinking.

This diploma lets you . . .

  • Learn the architecture of businesses and how to succeed as a professional or an entrepreneur.
  • Be enriched by a dual-specialisation curriculum and pick from 12 specialisation combinations.
  • Enhance your market value with your experience in working on industry projects in which you solve real business challenges.


  • Acquire in-demand skills in emerging business areas such as Customer Experience & Relationship Management, Human Capital Management, International Business Management, E-Commerce & Retail Management, Supply Chain & Logistics Management, Event Design & Management and Marketing & Digital Communications.
  • Interdisciplinary training of business professionals, tapping the pooled resources and strengths of various business disciplines and industry partnerships.
  • Look forward to exciting career opportunities with top businesses.

NYP Professional Competency Model (NYP-PCM) - its unique features

This diploma will be taught using the NYP-PCM starting AY2024.

Industry Relevance

Endorsed by industry leaders.

Professional Accreditation

You gain additional industry certifications while you complete your diploma, putting you ahead of the pack.

Agile Response

The curriculum reacts dynamically and quickly to industry changes. You'll be equipped with the latest skills & knowledge.

Integrated Learning

Concurrently learn multiple disciplines.

Course Structure


NYP is the only polytechnic in Singapore to offer dual specialisation in Business Management, allowing you to pursue two of the following:

Choose your first specialisation:

·       Customer Experience & Relationship Management

·       E-Commerce & Retail Management

·       Human Capital Management

·       Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Choose your second specialisation:

·       Event Design & Management

·       International Business Management

·       Marketing & Digital Communications

  • Customer Experience & Relationship Management

    Customer-centric business strategies are critical to an organisation’s efforts in growth and profitability. Our Customer Experience & Relationship Management specialisation will prepare you to engage customers and foster lasting relationships with them, whether you are in hospitality, healthcare, telecommunications, retail or banking and finance.


    Gain the knowledge and skills to plan, organise and implement effective CRM programmes that will help businesses deliver top service. You will also be trained to design and manage customer experiences by applying insights from psychology and analyses of customers’ buying behaviours and preferences.

    • Customer Management & Analytics
    • Experience Design & Management
    • Service Management
    • Social Customer Relationship Management
  • E-Commerce & Retail Management

    Ride the wave of digitalisation and transformation in the retail sector with our E-Commerce & Retail Management specialisation. Learn skills in data analytics, e-commerce and omnichannel management. The specialisation will gear you up for regional and global career advancement opportunities in the retail industry.


    Learn core business and specialised retail modules that address e-commerce and retail management issues and scenarios. Master technical concepts and technology applications for a career in retail buying, branding and marketing or emerging areas such as omnichannel retail businesses and e-commerce.

    • Omnichannel Management & Analytics
    • Retail Buying & Category Management
    • Retail Management & Visual Merchandising
    • Social Commerce
  • Human Capital Management

    Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. As Singapore transitions into a manpower-lean economy, the role of human resource professionals in developing and optimising the potential of the workforce becomes increasingly important. You can help organisations achieve their strategic goals and objectives by leveraging your specialised skills in managing the recruitment, assessment, training and performance of employees.


    Gain insights into and hone your skills in human capital management functions such as recruitment, compensation and benefits, training and development, and performance management.

    • HR Digitalisation & Analytics
    • Performance & Rewards Management
    • Talent Attraction & Employee Relations
    • Talent Development & Management
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Management

    The World Bank has ranked Singapore as Asia’s top logistics hub offering world-class connectivity to the region and beyond. With our Supply Chain & Logistics Management specialisation, you can tap this growing sector, providing supply chain services to global consumers and businesses.


    Learn to efficiently and effectively provide supply chain services to global consumers and businesses. This includes planning, implementing and controlling the operations of the supply chain, attaining cost-effectiveness and delivering top-notch customer service.

    • International Freight Management
    • Purchasing & Global Sourcing
    • Supply Chain Technologies & Operations
    • Warehouse Management & Analytics
  • Event Design & Management

    If you are creative and passionate about planning and organising events, our Event Design & Management specialisation will equip you with the right skills. The potential for career growth is boundless with opportunities in local and regional markets. Your skills in event management will add value to your other specialisation, opening doors to expanded roles in various business sectors.


    Develop a firm foundation in event management — from conceptualisation to project management and post-event services. This will enable you to innovate event concepts, deliver effective presentations and successfully close event deals.

    • Event Branding & Marketing
    • Event Management & Practice
    • Event Design & Production
    • Managing Hybrid Events (MICE)
  • International Business Management

    Executives with a global mindset and international business skills are highly regarded as companies race to increase their growth by harnessing diverse talents and opportunities worldwide. Our International Business Management specialisation will give you an edge over others in pursuing a career in multinational corporations and enterprises looking to break into overseas markets.


    Develop a sound understanding of global affairs and knowledge in international business and trade. You will also have the opportunities to network and get exposure to emerging markets through study trips, overseas attachment and immersion programmes.

    • Global Citizenry & Cultural Intelligence
    • International Business Strategy
    • International Operations Management
    • Trade Governance & Compliance
  • Marketing & Digital Communications

    Skilled marketing and public relations professionals are highly sought after to promote an organisation’s products and services, grow its brand, enhance its public image and manage crises in the digital age. Our Marketing & Digital Communications specialisation will equip you with the necessary skills to do just that.


    Acquire valuable consumer insights by mastering market research techniques and utilising various analytics tools. You will also learn how to make effective marketing decisions by leveraging on your technical expertise as well as creative flair to drive brand loyalty and leave a lasting impression.   

    • Brand Management
    • Digital Marketing & Analytics
    • Market Research & Intelligence
    • Public Relations & Communications
  • Career Prospects

    Expect to enjoy a dynamic and rewarding career as a/an:

    Customer Experience & Relationship Management
    ·       Business Development Executive
    ·       Customer Care Specialist
    ·       Customer Experience Officer
    E-Commerce & Retail Management
    ·       Assistant Buyer
    ·       E-commerce Executive
    ·       Retail Executive
    ·       Visual Merchandiser
    Event Design & Management
    ·       Event Executive
    ·       Event Planner
    ·       Project Manager
    Human Capital Management
    ·       Human Capital Executive
    ·       Talent Attraction Executive
    ·       Talent Management Executive
    International Business Management
    ·       Business Development Executive
    ·       Channel Management Executive
    ·       International Trade Operations Executive
    Marketing & Digital Communications
    ·       Brand Management Executive
    ·       Digital Marketing Executive
    ·       Marketing Communications Executive
    ·       Public Relations/Corporate Communications Executive
    Supply Chain & Logistics Management
    ·       Freight Executive
    ·       Inventory Planner
    ·       Supply Chain Specialist
  • Further Studies

    Our Diploma in Business Management opens doors for you to further your education at reputable local and overseas universities. Many of our graduates have also received advanced standing for admission to degree programmes at well-known universities.

Why Our Partners are On Board

Jeremy Seow Regional Chief Operating Officer & Head of Client Experience, Asia Pacific, Allison+Partners It’s an excellent time for Nanyang Polytechnic to transition into the Professional Competency Model (PCM). I believe this approach will help students discover their strengths and interest as they experience how various skills are interconnected, especially in the professional world. Additionally, it’s great to see the dozens of leading organisations get behind this transition for the benefit of the students.

Ow Jee ChinDeputy General Manager, Business Development, Pico Art InternationalSingapore’s war for talent is at its stiffest with rapid changes in technology, consumers habits and fast-evolving workplace. The new PCM is well-structured to address this, preparing learners with the knowledge and skills to excel in the challenging MICE industry. A good Events Management personnel is required to wear many hats, be it from the perspective of a designer, lawyer, human resource recruiter, marketer or a customer relationship officer. This model looks set to take future Events talents to another level.

Jayne KohDirector, iORA GroupThe new PCM-based course will strengthen the curriculum and equip business graduates with the knowledge and skills the retail industry will need. By developing crucial retail strategy skills, with further focus on sustainability and the use of Big Data to improve the buying process, graduates of this course will be skilled to meet the demands of the industry.

Did You Know?

We Explore Global Playgrounds

The DBM curriculum goes beyond borders, offering students numerous opportunities to embark on international ventures. From immersive cultural experiences to hands-on exploration of diverse business practices, we provide a passport to a world of experiential learning. Engage in networking opportunities that span continents, discover unique business opportunities and broaden your global mindset.

Check out the video of our educational and immersion trips to Osaka, Taiwan and Korea in 2023! 

We Thrive in Competitive Arenas

With the guidance of our dedicated lecturers, DBM learners fearlessly conquer challenges from the prestigious WorldSkills (Freight Forwarding) Singapore 2023 to the dynamic stage of the Global Brand Planning Competition 2023. More than victory; it's a journey that sets our students apart, shaping them into professionals ready to excel in their chosen fields.

Check out the pictures from the various competitions our students took part in 2023! 

We Expand Horizons

From immersing students’ into the intricacies of warehouse operations for a typical ship chandler with RMS Marine and Offshore Service, to an enlightening sharing session by Grab Singapore on Employer Branding and Performance Management and mentorship by Socialyse from Havas Media Singapore, DBM students are exposed to diverse industry experiences that empowers them with practical insights to navigate the dynamic landscapes of the professional world. 

We Nurture Eco-Consciousness

From learning about the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System that transports used water to reclamation plants to sustainable urban farming, DBM students go beyond textbooks and classrooms to cultivate a deep understanding of sustainability.

We Empower to Serve

Through various community service initiatives and outreach programs, our students actively engage in making a positive impact. This hands-on experience not only allows them to contribute meaningfully but also nurtures empathy, teamwork and leadership skills.

Watch our Tik Tok video here.

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