About the Specialisation

Ride the digitalisation and industry transformation wave in the retail sector with our E-Commerce and Retail Management specialisation. Learn skills in data analytics, e-commerce and omni-channel management. The specialisation will gear you up for regional and global career advancement opportunities in the retail industry.

Specialisation Modules

Omni-channel Management [60 hours]

In today's society, the environment for retail business is ever changing. This module provides learners the knowledge and techniques to analyse the environment for omni-channel retail business in consideration of the various types of retail businesses and the retail customers in the context of the Singapore’s retail industry. Learners will conceptualize a business plan for omni-channel retailing with a strategic approach by applying and integrating the fundamental business concepts of retail store operations and management. Learners will assess the effectiveness of omni-channel management of retailers by applying the technical concepts learnt in supply chain integration, social media marketing and best omni-channel retail standards.

Retail Buying & Ethics [60 hours]

In today’s competitive retail landscape, retailers are looking for graduates who are not only proficient in buying but also well-versed in using technology to aid in better execution. Through this module, learners will demonstrate the concepts, terminologies, techniques and ethics learned for successful buying. Learners will conduct trend research and analysis for the current and upcoming seasons and recommend products sourcing and selling platforms including online and offline channels.

Retail Management & Visual Merchandising [60 hours]

In today’s retail industry with rapid changes and disruptions to store operations and management due to new technologies and changing customers’ expectations, retail companies expect our graduates to be equipped with emerging retail skills. This module provides learners with the required skills and techniques to better present the physical and online stores with the application of the various elements of store management and visual merchandising concepts. As an added advantage, learners will be able to articulate the importance of store visual merchandising by application of various techniques in merchandise display, presentation methods and retail space planning to enhance retailers’ branding and profitability. Learners will also use IT application tools for effective store and merchandise layout presentation in retailing.

Retail Merchandising & Analytics [60 hours]

In today’s competitive retail landscape, retailers are looking for graduates who are not only proficient in merchandising techniques, but are also equipped with the analytical skills to have deep understanding of consumers’ preferences and shopping behaviours. In this module, learners will be equipped with the necessary retail merchandising skills and utilize basic analytical tools to uncover deeper insights into consumer behaviours to plan and optimize merchandise plans that cater to the changing demands of consumers. Learners will be given the opportunity to contextualize and apply the skills they have acquired through this module by setting up their own e-commerce store as well as a pop-up store.

  • Career Prospects

    Look forward to exciting and rewarding careers as:

    • Assistant Buyer
    • E-commerce Executive
    • Retail Executive
    • Visual Merchandiser