About the Specialisation

If you are creative and passionate about planning and organising events, our Event Management specialisation will arm you with the right skills. With many opportunities in local and regional markets, the potential for career growth is unlimited. Your skills in event management also add value to your other specialisation, giving you opportunities to take on expanded roles in various business sectors.

Specialised Modules

Creating and Pitching Event Concepts [45 hours]

In today’s dynamic event industry, effectively creating and pitching event concepts is important in securing projects. This module enables learners to conceptualise an event and deliver an effective sales pitch to close it successfully. Learners will be equipped with skills and knowledge for event concept development and strategy, evaluation of the needs, characteristics and decision processes of corporate clients. Learners will apply their knowledge into leveraging on the similarities and differences between consumer and corporate marketing in the dynamic nature of the corporate marketing environment.

Event Branding & Marketing [45 hours]

In today’s competitive environment, event branding is important to build a strong identity to command a strong market presence. This module enables learners to conceptualise and execute an event branding campaign through employing the right media strategies and managing of stakeholders, in particular the sponsors. Through case studies, projects and e-learning, learners will be able to gain deeper insights into concepts relating to event analysis and planning, integrated marketing communications - advertising, media relations, publicity, social media strategies and tactics.

Event Planning and Practice [60 hours]

In today's society, event planning is fast becoming an essential skill in most careers. This module equips learners with the knowledge of event planning which is critical to operation and execution of a successful event such as roadshows, meetings and many others. Learners will apply their knowledge on event planning, manpower management, client and supplier management, conflict management, supply chain management, location management and event evaluation to different types of events as part of the module.

Managing Global Events [60 hours]

In the society today, events are not only one of the most important parts of tourism, but also inseparable part of human society. They are global phenomenon which is gaining greater and greater importance through the event industry. This module provides learners with the concepts and techniques in mastering the different scales of international/local events and roadshows, such as Formula 1 Grand Prix, BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore and Singapore Fashion Festival. Learners will apply their knowledge to event creation, design, planning management, budgeting, marketing, legal issues and operations to events of different scales as part of the module.

  • Career Prospects

    Look forward to exciting and rewarding careers as:

    • Event Executive
    • Event Planner
    • Project Manager