About the Specialisation

With companies seeking to increase their growth by harnessing diverse talents and opportunities worldwide, executives with a global mindset and international business skills have become even more sought after. Our International Business specialisation will give you an advantage when pursuing careers in multinational corporations and enterprises seeking to expand or venture overseas.

Specialised Modules

Integrated Marketing Communications [60 hours]

With more products and services competing for customers’ attention and share-of-voice, one way to break away from the clutter is by creating a compelling and consistent brand message through Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC).  In this module, learners will gain a practical overview of the promotion mix, from advertising to public relations, sales promotion to direct marketing, and personal selling to digital marketing. There will be opportunities to practise how to apply and bring together the best possible promotion and media mix in a synergistic manner to deliver impactful IMC campaigns across all media platforms.

International Business Environment [45 hours]

This module provides Learners with an understanding of the dynamic global business environment, major trade and investment trends and the firm’s perspectives to doing international business. Learners will learn to appreciate the macro-environmental aspects of International Business — from the analysis of the country’s environment (Political, Economic, etc.) and country selection. Learners will also gain an understanding of the role of international organisations and regional trade groupings in International Business.  In an increasingly interconnected world and challenging global business climate, Learners will develop an appreciation of current world affairs such as the opportunities and threats of climate change/global warming, threat of terrorism, geopolitical risks, the economic/financial crisis contagion and the rise of economic powers in Asia.  Current issues and examples are used to enhance Learners’ understanding.

International Business Strategy [60 hours]

This module is designed for learners to apply business concepts learned from various modules taken under the International Business Specialisation.  A real-world case, of a business expanding into new markets, is used throughout the module to enable students to apply knowledge progressively.  The module focuses on country and industry assessments; and business model adaptation.  Learners are guided to develop research, analytical and problem solving skills by playing the role of business consultants to the real-world business and devising new market strategies for it. 

International Trade & Operations Management [45 hours]

Businesses are affected by macro and micro environmental factors when setting up overseas operations. In this module, learners will understand the operational aspects of businesses engaged in international trade, examining how macro environmental factors such as trade barriers, international infrastructure, foreign exchange market, and sustainability, and micro environmental factors such as business decisions on network design, global production, and outsourcing impact international trade. Knowledge from this module can be applied to established international companies expanding into new markets, and small businesses venturing overseas for the first time.

  • Career Prospects

    Look forward to exciting and rewarding careers as:

    • Business Development Executive
    • Channel Management Executive
    • International Trade Operations Executive