About the Specialisation

Skilled marketing and public relations professionals are highly sought after. Our Marketing & Digital Communications specialisation will give you the necessary skills to create awareness of and promote an organisation’s products and services, grow its brand, enhance its public image and manage crises in the digital age.

Specialised Modules

Brand Management [45 hours]

The power of building strong brand equities goes beyond brand positioning and values. In this module, students will understand how branding can help differentiate a product or service and create brand experiences that resonate with consumers. Students will learn how successful brands harness brand elements to their advantage and leverage on their strengths through co-branding efforts and brand experiences. In addition, student will have to propose a branding campaign to revitalise or reposition a well-known brand waning in its appeal.

Consumer Insights [60 hours]

Gaining consumer insights is what marketers and businesses do these days to get ahead in the marketplace.  In this module, learners will acquire fundamental marketing research concepts and methodologies to understand what consumers need and want. Topics include research design, data collection and analysis as well as marketing systems. Learners will develop skills to conduct market research and analyse data which will provide insights into consumers’ behaviour in the dynamic environment.

Integrated Marketing Communications [60 hours]

With more products and services competing for customers’ attention and share-of-voice, one way to break away from the clutter is by creating a compelling and consistent brand message through Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC).  In this module, learners will gain a practical overview of the promotion mix, from advertising to public relations, sales promotion to direct marketing, and personal selling to digital marketing. There will be opportunities to practise how to apply and bring together the best possible promotion and media mix in a synergistic manner to deliver impactful IMC campaigns across all media platforms.

Public Relations & Communication Management [60 hours]

In today’s fast-paced business environment, Public Relations (PR) is viewed as one of the top tools to grow a business and also lead communication between the organisation and the publics. Learners will study the principles behind the practice of PR and understand the role of PR practitioners, and the external and internal ‘publics’ that they are in contact with. This module will also focus on critical skills that every PR practitioner needs to know, such as planning a PR campaign, cultivating relationships with the media and managing crises.

  • Career Prospects

    Look forward to exciting and rewarding careers as:

    • Brand Management Executive
    • Digital Marketing Executive
    • Marketing Communications Executive
    • Public Relations/ Corporate Communications Executive