Local Internship Programme

  • What is Internship Programme?

    The Internship Programme (ITP) exposes our students to real-life working situations in the local IT industry. We work closely with many local companies to create opportunities for our final year students in real-life projects. They will work alongside with IT professionals and will be immersed in the daily operations of the company.
  • What are the Internship Periods?

    We have 4 continuous periods of internship programme starting at about March every year. Each period is 12 weeks in duration.
  • How can our students contribute?

    Our students from the School of Information Technology have the required skills for development, enhancements or maintenance of applications in various technologies, including Geospatial & Mobile Computing, Digital Forensics & Information Security, Open Source Technologies, Networking and Systems Administration, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution, Web 2.0 Technology, Web Services, SOA, Cloud Computing, Social Media Technologies, Business Intelligence & Analytics, etc.

    They have training in Business Process Management, Object-Oriented Analysis & Design, Application Usability, and Relational Database Management, just to name a few. They also have practical training in the various stages of software life cycle including system testing, system maintenance or system support using various programming languages like Java, C++, C#, VB on Enterprise Java or .NET platform.

    We also have students who specialise in various domains such as Banking & Financial Services, High-tech Manufacturing & Logistics, Social Media and others across a spectrum of industries. Our students are also trained to do business development, business management, sales and marketing.

    We adopt a semestral project approach in our diploma programmes. From the first year, students spend about 90 hours each semester on a project which integrates all skills taught in that semester. Students can better understand the various software development aspects through simulated case studies and hands-on development. Their soft skills such as time management, project management, team communication, team work, initiative, resourcefulness, independent learning, work attitude and presentation skills are also nurtured and cultivated in these projects.

  • How do our student internship programme work?

    The student is required to report to the company which he/she is attached throughout the internship period. The student will be given an allowance (determined by the company). The student will abide with the company's operating hours, dress code and any other human resource requirements.

    The student reports to the Industry Internship Mentor who is a staff of the company. The Industry Internship Mentor supervises the student directly, provides technical guidance and assesses the student's performance. A School Internship Mentor who is a staff of the School will be appointed to oversee the smooth running of our student's internship.

    The School Internship Mentor will liaise and visit the Industry Internship Mentor and the student during the internship. The Industry Internship Mentor can communicate to the School Internship Mentor for any matters regarding the student and the internship programme during the whole duration of the internship.

Overseas Internship Programme

The Overseas Internship Programme forms an exciting and integral part of Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Information Technology's curriculum, allowing our students to experience overseas work and travel while studying.

Many of our final year students have been attached to multi-national companies located in major cities like California, New York, Boston, Brisbane, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Chennai and others.

The primary aim of the Programme is to take students out of the classroom to experience life and learning overseas, immersing themselves in a different cultural setting and experiencing work life in a foreign country.

Besides honing their skills and experiencing work in a different culture, they return with life changing experiences which include changing their perception and understanding of the world, people around them and family.

A popular option for students, the Programme has many benefits. Students are able to apply their knowledge and skills in real-life working environment in a different country. They are attached to IT projects and working with foreign professionals in the overseas office, meeting hard deadlines and delivering quality systems for the organisation. Students get to deepen their IT knowledge by focusing on specific skills that find matching congruence with the strengths of the host company.

Attachment to the overseas company could be between 3-6 months, depending on the company's requirement.

We have 2 continuous periods of attachments starting at about April and October every year. It's a great way to get a headstart for our students' career. They not only beef up their CVs but they also become more independent and gain useful knowledge and skills.

  • Overseas Internship Programme 2015

    Four final year students had the opportunity to work overseas underthe Overseas Internship Programme.

    They were attached to FedEx at Sykes in Shanghai, China, for three months, working as technical specialists supporting IT-related systems such as international logistics management, server and network management, and business process systems.

    Read Student's weekly official blog for more details.

    NYP OPP Shanghai

    Attachment to Shanghai , FedEx (Sykes) , Batch 3 [Mika & Sarah]

"I felt that I had acquired a lot from my Overseas Internship Programme. It was such an enriching attachment as we got to be exposed to China culture and lifestyle. I also learnt to be more independent in whatever I do….. We had to manage our finance, time and health ... Yup, so great time spent over at Chengdu..."

~ Rosie Sim, Diploma in Business Informatics graduate