Local Internship Programme

  • What is the Internship Programme (ITP)?

    Gain practical, industry-relevant skills with NYP’s Internship Programme (ITP). The ITP exposes you to real work situations in the information technology (IT) industry. We work closely with many companies to create opportunities for our final-year students to work alongside IT professionals and be immersed in the company’s daily operations.
  • When do the internships take place?

    We have four periods of internship programmes starting in March every year. Each period lasts 12 weeks.

    2023/24 Internship dates

    Period Attachment Period Closing Dates for Submission


    6 Mar 2023 – 26 May 2023

    6 Jan 2023


    29 May 2023 – 18 Aug 2023

    31 Mar 2023

    Note: No student attachments from 21nd Aug 2023 to 31st Aug 2023


    4 Sep 2023 – 24 Nov 2023

    30 Jun 2023


    27 Nov 2023 – 16 Feb 2024

    29 Sep 2023

  • How can our students contribute?

    You will get to apply the knowledge and skills gained in your study, from geospatial and mobile computing to digital forensics and information security, open source technologies, networking and systems administration, enterprise resource planning solution, Web 2.0 technology, web services, service-oriented architecture, cloud computing, social media technologies, business intelligence and analytics.

    You will also get to apply the soft skills you picked up from course projects. These include time management, project management, communication, teamwork, resourcefulness, independent learning, good work attitude and presentation skills.

  • How does our student internship programme work?

    You will report to the company you are attached to throughout the internship period. You will receive an allowance (determined by the company) and will be required to adhere by the company’s policies, including those on working hours and dress code.

    During your internship, you will be assigned to an Industry Internship Mentor, who will be a company staff. Your mentor will provide you technical guidance and assess your performance. An NYP School Internship Mentor will oversee your internship to ensure it goes smoothly.

  • How can companies participate in our internship programme

    To participate, please proceed to the url below to register for a company account.

    After successfully registering the company account, you can proceed to register the projects and the students requirement before the closing dates.

Overseas Internship Programme

The Overseas Internship Programme is an exciting and integral part of your study at NYP. This programme takes you out of the classroom to experience life outside of your comfort zone in a different cultural setting.

You will get the chance to apply your knowledge and skills in a real work environment in a different country. Besides further honing your skills, this opportunity could turn out to be a  a life-changing experience as you learn to work with colleagues from different cultures and business practices

Your overseas attachment can run for between three and six months, depending on the company's requirement.

Many of our final-year students have been attached to multinational companies located in major cities like California, New York, Boston, Brisbane, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi and Chennai.

  • Overseas Internship Programme 2015

    Four final year students had the opportunity to work overseas underthe Overseas Internship Programme.

    They were attached to FedEx at Sykes in Shanghai, China, for three months, working as technical specialists supporting IT-related systems such as international logistics management, server and network management, and business process systems.

    Read Student's weekly official blog for more details.

    NYP OPP Shanghai

    Attachment to Shanghai , FedEx (Sykes) , Batch 3 [Mika & Sarah]

"I felt that I had acquired a lot from my Overseas Internship Programme. It was such an enriching attachment as we got to be exposed to China culture and lifestyle. I also learnt to be more independent in whatever I do….. We had to manage our finance, time and health ... Yup, so great time spent over at Chengdu..."

~ Rosie Sim, Diploma in Business Informatics graduate