Overseas Student Exchange Programme (OSEP)

SIT has Overseas Student Exchange Programmes (OSEP) with Hallym University, Gachon University and Dankook University, South Korea. SIT students have the opportunity to spend one semester at these overseas universities, as part of their OSEP.

Our OSEP is open to year 2 students in their 2nd semester. Students with good GPA and the right attitude will be recommended by their course coordinators for selection interviews.

Life of an exchange student in South Korea's Universities

Overseas Educational Study Trips

SIT also organises overseas study trips for our students. In previous years, we have taken more than 100 students to the United States, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Australia on such study trips.

The trip to Silicon Valley included visits to Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, Google, Plug and Play Tech Center, NestGSV and Oracle.

Students on the South Korea study trip visited well-known institutions like Yonsei University and Ewha University. They also learnt about technological innovations at Digital Pavilion and the Samsung Innovation Museum. 

Students on the Japan trip visited the digital IT and electronics district of Akihabara and checked out the Epson museum and Panasonic Center Tokyo. They also got to live with local residents in Nagano and experience Japanese culture first hand.

For the Australia study trip, students visited the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Port of Brisbane and Australian Broadcasting Corporation. They also toured the Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology faculties at the University of Queensland, where they got to interact with faculty members.

NYP Student Project Centres

We have established Overseas Student Project Centres in partnering schools in Beijing, Suzhou, Chengdu and Guangzhou in China. These include the Beijing Information Technology College, Suzhou Institute of Services and Outsourcing, Chengdu Polytechnic and Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic. Every year, about 40 students are attached to each centre for a two-week immersion programme. The programme includes cultural talks and studies, student interaction, visits to local enterprises and incubation centres, plus leisure activities. 


A peek into the life of students

@ Beijing, China: https://batch49nypsitgroup2.wordpress.com

@ Chengdu, China: https://2018chengdu.wordpress.com/

@ Nara, Japan: https://nypnara18.wordpress.com/

Overseas Internship Programme

Overseas internship with Datahouse, Vietnam 2023

Our overseas internship at Datahouse in Vietnam was an extraordinary and unforgettable adventure that exceeded all expectations. From the moment we set foot in the bustling city, we were embraced by a warm and welcoming community that made us feel at home despite being far from our own. Working at Datahouse gave us an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the world of data analytics and technology, exposing us to cutting-edge methodologies and real-world challenges.

The experience was not just about professional growth; it was a journey of personal development as well. Living and working in a different culture taught us the value of open-mindedness, adaptability, and cross-cultural communication. We navigated language barriers and embraced new traditions, all while forming deep connections with our local colleagues.

The support and guidance we received from our mentors and teammates were instrumental in shaping our skills and confidence. We were encouraged to take ownership of projects, think critically, and collaborate effectively, providing a solid foundation for our future careers.

Overseas internship with Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Germany (HSKA) 2023

“The German internship overall was an eye opening experience for all of us. We have learnt how to socialize with people of vastly different cultures and act appropriately, live independently and met many friends that we will stay in contact with after our internship is over. We are very grateful for the opportunity given to us and I would recommend anyone who has an opportunity to intern overseas should do it. Not only is it a journey about experiencing a different work life culture and experiences, it also give's you the opportunity to be introspective and look from within. With that said, I hope you, whoever you are reading this, have enjoyed our blog and we thank you for reading about our journey.”

Overseas Internship with world renown research lab at IBM Canada 2023

During their three-month internship at the Research Lab, the two students not only engaged in applied research projects but also actively participated in IBM's volunteer program, contributing to various community service initiatives. Additionally, they successfully transformed a complex technical concept into a demonstrable prototype, which was then handed over to IBM's development team for integration into a practical product.

Overseas Internship with King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) 2023

During their internship at KMUTT in Bangkok, the students had the opportunity to attend several enlightening presentations that showcased how AI is perceived and utilized in Thailand. These presentations covered diverse applications, such as enhancing accessibility for disabled individuals through object recognition and text-to-speech, and implementing machine learning in neuroscience to analyze human behavior.

Moreover, the students had valuable interactions with Thai students from KMUTT, who had just completed their exams and were able to join them. Through these interactions, the visiting students gained insights into Thailand's culture, its education system, and even picked up some Thai words from their local counterparts. The overseas internship program left the students feeling grateful and privileged, as it not only allowed them to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and learn about the world but also provided opportunities to share enjoyable and memorable experiences with their new friends during the weekends.