Applying to JAE (O Level)

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Application period: 11 Jan - 16 Jan 2024


JAE is an annual exercise conducted by the Ministry of Education to allow holders of Singapore-Cambridge O Level certificate to apply for admission to courses offered by Polytechnics.

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Can I apply?

You are eligible to participate except if you have been successfully admitted to a school through Direct School Admission-Junior Colleges (DSA-JC) / Polytechnic Early Admissions Exercise (Poly EAE) / ITE Early Admissions Exercise (ITE EAE):

  • Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents (PR) with valid Singapore-Cambridge O Level Examinations results from any year.
  • International students studying in a Government School, Government-Aided School or Independent School in Singapore with valid 2023 Singapore-Cambridge O Level Examination results.


To be eligible for a course, you must meet the minimum entry points based on the ELR2B2 aggregate type of that specific course. Some courses also have medical requirements that you must meet.

However, meeting the minimum entry requirements of a course does not guarantee you a spot. Admission to a course is based on merit and subject to the availability of vacancies. You may refer to the past year’s JAE cut-off points of a course to gauge the competitiveness of admission.

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How do I apply?


Apply online

Application period: 11 Jan - 16 Jan 2024


Submit your application online via MOE JAE - Internet System (JAE-IS) using your Singpass.



Application outcome

Applicants can obtain their posting results via the following channels:

  • Online via JAE-IS; and
  • Short Messaging System (SMS) to the mobile phone number provided by the applicant during registration


Applicants who have not been posted to a course, or wish to change to another course after the release of the JAE posting results may submit a JAE appeal.

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JAE appeal process

Appeal application period: 1 Feb - 6 Feb 2024


JAE applicants who have not been posted to a course, or wish to change to another course after the release of the JAE posting results may submit an appeal via the JAE Online Appeal Portal.

  • You may submit an appeal application for up to 6 Polytechnic courses and/or ITE Higher Nitec courses, for which you have met the course minimum entry requirements and the JAE ELR2B2
  • Please refer to the JAE Online Appeal Portal for the details on appeal procedure and release of JAE appeal results.
  • Do consider your appeal carefully. If you already have a JAE posting, your original posting will be automatically revoked if your appeal is successful. If your appeal is unsuccessful, your original posting will be retained.