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Tip #1: Decode Form A

Soon, you will get two important things:
  • Your results slip, and
  • Form A (refer to the sample below).


Your education journey is about to really level up, and you’ve got choices in front of you, and decisions to make.


To be eligible for polytechnic admission, you need to score a net ELR2B2 aggregate of 26 points or less (after deducting CCA bonus point) and meet the minimum entry requirements (MERs) of the specific course. Your Form A will list all the courses that you are eligible for.


First up, let’s decode Form A. It can look a bit intimidating at first… Don’t worry, let’s break it down into easy steps!

Decode form A

At the polys, we’re looking at your ELR2B2 aggregate score. This is made up of your English Language + Relevant 2 + Best 2 subjects.


On Form A, under Your Aggregate Score, there are ELR2B2-A, ELR2B2-B, ELR2B2-C, and ELR2B2-D. These are also known as ‘course groups’ and you will see different aggregate scores depending on the entry requirements of these course groups.


What courses go under what groups?

Now, you’re probably wondering how your CCA can help you. Take a look at this table to see how many bonus points you have.


CCA GradesCCA Bonus Points
Excellent (A1 – A2)2 points
Good (B3 – C6)1 point


So, now take your ELR2B2 and subtract your CCA bonus points. This is your final net ELR2B2 aggregate score. Use this to gauge where you stand against the net ELR2B2 range.

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Tip #2: Net ELR2B2 range

Just because you are eligible for a course (it appears in your Form A), does not mean you'll automatically get in.


Look at the net ELR2B2 range. Below is a snapshot of what you will see in the Course Finder:

Net ELR2B2 range

Notice the figures in red? This shows you the net ELR2B2 aggregate scores of the highest and lowest ranked students who were admitted. Do take note that the information on the previous year's ranges is only meant to be a guide.


To illustrate the net ELR2B2 range, here's an example:

Marcus' ELR2B2-C is 13. He received a 'Good' for his CCA grade.
So, his net ELR2B2-C is 13 - 1 = 12 points.
He is interested in the Common ICT Programe at either Poly A or Poly B. The net ELR2B2 range: 

  • Poly A: 4 to 14
  • Poly B: 5 to 12

Marcus should look at the upper range of the ELR2B2 to gauge his chances of getting into the two poly courses. In this case, he stands a better chance of getting into Poly A’s Common ICT Programme.
Check out the net ELR2B2 range of NYP’s diplomas.

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Tip #3: Medical requirements

Keep in mind that there are some courses that have medical requirements.

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Tip #4: It sounds like a lot, but use all your 12 choices

When it's so confusing, you may be tempted to just do what your friends are doing or follow your squad. The love is admirable but have a thought about what you want to do, and what you think you'd like. With the right strategy, you can maximise your chances of getting into the course you want.