Aggregate Score Types for GCE 'O' Level Holders

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There are four types of aggregate scores for Polytechnic admissions.

Want to meet the entry requirements for your desired course programme?
You need to compute your grades with relevant subjects to attain your final ELR2B2 aggregate score.

Your aggregate score = English (EL) + 2 Relevant Subjects (R2) + 2 Best Subjects (B2).

Depending on the criteria you want to meet, the "2 Relevant Subjects" are selected based on four categories: A, B, C, D. If you use group A to calculate your final aggregate score, you should refer to "ELR2B2-A" — the category is added as a suffix. Each diploma course uses one of these ELR2B2 net aggregate score types to assess course eligibility for JAE.


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