What Our OSEP Students Say About Our Marketing Modules


Jochen Frank Fries - DHBW Heilbronn University

"I’m really glad that I chose Digital Marketing as one of my modules for my Singapore Exchange Programme. The module was perfectly structured and contained the right amount of digital terminology that would bring me forward in my studies. The tutorials were interesting, relevant and contained a lot of practical content. I wished that the lectures were longer so that I could have learnt more from Mr John Ho, who was such an expert in the subject. Even though the ICAs were challenging, it was a very good way to connect the theoretical part of the lecture to something practical. It was also a very good opportunity to get to know my Singaporean classmates."

Jochen Frank Fries
DHBW Heilbronn University
April to August 2017

Park Taeho Thomas - Keimyung University

"Personal Selling & Negotiation was my favourite module that I enrolled for this semester. This was because I was given lots of opportunities to try out my selling and negotiation skills in the class. I also found that these skills could be applied not only in the business context but also in my daily life. By working in a group, I was able to improve my communication skills as well as learn to work as a team. The numerous presentations increased my confidence in my English language proficiency. I sincerely appreciate my teachers for providing me with a lot of encouragement and guidance along the way. I will try to apply the conceptual skills learnt in real work situations when I join an international company soon."

Park Taeho Thomas
Keimyung University
South Korea
April to August 2017