VR Technology Training in Retail
School of Business Management

AIQ partners with SBM to provide Retail students with training in the latest VR Technology

SBM's Omni Channel Retail Centre has partnered with AIQ to testbed Visual Recognition Technology (VRT) to increase the awareness and adoption of VRT and Visual Commerce (VC) in the retail industry. AIQ is a Singapore-based software company known for developing state-of-the-art Video Recognition and Computer Vision AI Technology. Students attached to the Omni Channel Retail Centre will be able to gather insights into the shopping habits and preferences of D’Studio’s shoppers so that they can plan for the right merchandise mix, discounts and offers to attract more shoppers to generate quantifiable sales leads and conversions.

The Omni Channel Retail Centre and AIQ have jointly developed the new D'Studio app. This VRT mobile app enables D’Studio’s shoppers to scan on-display store items and collaterals with their mobile devices. This gives them online access to product information, promotions and call-to-action deliverables. The app also includes a gamification element which allows for more fun and interactivity, enhancing one’s online shopping experience.